Our Story

Devin and I met in May 2015, although our paths had crossed more than once perviously in Southern Utah while I was attending Dixie and he was at Southern Utah University.

Buuuut timing is everything! And after a stint with Dev playing football for Snow, SUU, and then the Raiders...he turned in his pads and helmet to serve the Lord in Washington DC. All the while I was traveling the world, finishing school, and trying to get healthier and healthier and praying that boy to come my way.

Fast forward, and we were both in the YSA 220 ward, aka the Poly Singleʻs ward where his dad was bishop. I never saw him around, and he never saw me and we joke that neither of us were actually at church....I know I was ;)! I was in charge of putting on a huge service project that involved planning a luʻau. I was looking for people to dance and cook and as I was sitting in the hall frantically trying to get volunteers, and one day when I was begging for volunteers - our friend Kastle turned to Dev and said, "Hey! This is Bishopʻs son! He will help with anything!". 

I was instantly attracted to his charm and sweet smile, but remembering he had just come home from a mission I thought he was only 21. Although I was bummed out because of the age difference, he didnʻt hesitate to became extra helpful. That day he added me on Facebook and things have never been the same. We exchanged phone numbers, and the next day at Family Home Evening our best friend Pisa said, "Sooo...my friend thinks your cute. You know, Devin?". I replied that I actually had been talking to him but that he was so young. Pisa then informed me that he was actually 25 and my heart skipped a beat. I thought to myself, "hey, so youʻre saying thereʻs a chance?!" 

That night he called and asked me out, but I was leaving for Missouri to visit my cousins for a little over a week. He surprised me by not only texting me the whole time I was gone, but making the effort to call and chat with me each day I was gone. Who does that? Only the sweetest of gentlemen and my sweet Devin. I was so impressed with his ability to make me feel special, and man up. This made our first date too easy. I was already pretty taken by this cute brown boy because we got to know each other on such a personal level before anything else set in. After our first date I knew there was something different and so did he. Since that first date we have seen each other every single day and the rest is history. We both knew we loved each other on our second date when we took our cute nephews to Nickelcade. Watching one another with those kids helped us to fall quicker and harder and we have loved every minute of our journey. He treats me like a queen and I hope I can treat him the same....only a king. 

We have not had a normal beginning, but we are enjoying married life and waking up to find our best friend right by one anotherʻs side. This blog is a little way of recording our memories, and reminding ourselves of the ups and downs as we hold hands and take on life through the eternities. Thanks for taking it with us!