Thursday, June 16, 2016

So very much to say....But mostly my Dev

I donʻt really know how to explain how our first five months have been without just giving you word vomit, so Iʻll sum it up in one word......


But despite many tragedies, health issues, family trials, leaning on the atonement, dealing with  sudden depression and anxiety that I am dealing with, excitement of moving in together, getting just settled into marriage. Itʻs.... a lot.

And without boring you with some very personal details, we have been through much more than your average newlyweds. 

However, I will tell you, marriage is sooooooo freaking fun. Because even if you have the worst day ever  --,you know you have this cute mug to come home to - to sloth, play cards, go shopping (when heʻs feelinʻ it...that trooper), and Netflix. Ya, and if you wanna eat out....letʻs go! Cuz you do you boo, because your married now, and that newly wed card is a great one to throw down. 

But as I had said before, we have been through a lot and although having so many difficult circumstances up front really sucked, it also really brought us so much closer together in many ways .
The champion in all of this, is my sweet Devin. Good pick right? He might be a little embarrassed I am posting about him, but I canʻt help it. 

Well, if you donʻt know me, now you do. And one thing that will become pretty clear is I am emotional girl. I know what youʻre thinking "all girls are emotional"! Well, I have an extra dose of  hormones raging through this body that make my tear ducts free to flow for appropriate, and what would seem inappropriate times to cry.  I cry when I am mad, scared, angry. in love, happy, sad, excited, depressed, anxious. And Devin did not grow up in an emotional home, but boy did he marry an emotional girl! And he is being so patient. Some days there are legitimate reasons to cry...and other days itʻs like....come on Cheltz. No matter what emotional rollercoaster I decided to get on that day, he just works like the perfect teammate balancing out what I canʻt handle, and holding me up where things are so heavy. 

I love this picture so much because it shows what a good dad he is going to be! Not because our little Olive girl has some stranger danger fears (she warmed up to us I promise! ) But more that he just rolls with punches. Kids love him...Heck! Everyone loves him. But anyway, I love his cool presence that he relaxes my high maintenance personality. He is down for anything....including DisneyLand! Cue cheesy DL pics:

He just was like a little boy and it was so fun to watch him go for his first time.He loved the food, for sure, and maybe not the Micky and Minnie hats, but thatʻs what I love him for. He let me live my childhood at the same time. Even though we were hot and tired, we felt the magic for sure!

So, I know Dev hates kissing pictures, and when I talk about his soft side. But this boy is so tender (do we hate that word? yuk..) kind, generous, beyond all belief, and always has everyone elseʻs interests in mind. I was so attracted to that, and I have been so much more in love with him as I watch him in adoration. I love his gentleness and those sweet kisses he surprises me with that I will never ever turn down.

And well...just saying. His prettyy dang hot. But more than that he has brought me close to God, built my faith, dried so many tears, makes me feel incredibly loved and cared for. You will never hear a mean word about myself and those he loves cross his mouth. Heʻs a team player and will always put others welfare above his own. And well, I just love that Tavanā boy so much. 

All I can say the wait was worth every minute. 

Thanks for choosing me Devin Matauaina. I love you dearly.


The Button's said...

Chelsea- I love you so very much and I'm so glad you have found such an amazing man! You two are the cutest ever! Sending good vibes your way�� Keep being your cute positive self and you will achieve anything! Love you!