Sunday, October 30, 2011


is literally killing me. 

After saying over and over again that I would not sign up...I totally caved. 

It is so addicting. 

And it reminds me of how much time I do not have. 

But I LOVE it! 


Here are some of my favorite pins so far...

 Magnetic makeup board.

 Jewelry holder out of a cheese grater! So great.

How to catch drips from water jugs...

 Paper towel roll decoration. 

So cute!

Well...if you don't have Pinterest, think wisely before signing up.
It is amazing...but sooo hard to stop looking at all the cool stuff!

If you do have it, you can follow me here:
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Happy pinning!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Good times at Dixie State

It was my fall break this week and so I went for a visit during homecoming to this place:

 It made me want these good times back....really bad.

Seriously, there is nothing better than Dixie spirit and it was so fun to go to my Student Government reunion for the 100 year celebration. It made me so homesick!! Honestly, choosing Dixie was one of the best and most random decisions I ever made. I remember, I was all set to go to BYU and had everything ready to go when I didn't have a good feeling about going there all of the sudden. It made no logical sense, but it felt so sure. I went down and took a tour and was offered a good scholarship and I immediately fell in love with the campus. The rest is history, and I can definitely say I was led to Dixie and can see so clearly now why I needed to be there.

I knew one person in all of Saint George, UT...but I ended up making some of the best friends I have ever had and experienced the greatest and most challenging 3 years of my life.

Well, I am still so close with the best people in the world! I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to in the short trip, but I did get to see these girls (minus Kels :( add a couple extra!).

I had a wonderful weekend going to the Alumni banquet, the homecoming dance to be Stef's date and help out (which PS. if you are reading this and you have gone to is growing so much! That dance was huuuggggee. It looked amazing! Good job student gov!), going up to Dixie rock and reminiscing, shopping, and catching up with all the people I love so much.

Well, I loved this weekend so much I am seriously considering going back in January....there are a lot more pro's then con's. We'll see!

Have a happy day!
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blogworthy moments...

I have had some pretty great blog-worthy moments the last few days. They were really just so random and funny...definitely worth sharing.

1. I came down with Bronchitis Saturday morning and so I decided to go to Urgent Care and get checked out. Well, this really funny old couple comes in and they are just yelling and fighting with each other like you would not believe. I thought to myself, " I at work in the Alzheimers unit? I feel like all sounds strangely familiar."

Well, they continued, and the lady kept saying, "you are so stupid for making me come! I don't need to be here! You never listen to me!" Well, I look over and she has this large slice in her chin. I didn't think much about it until her husband goes to the front and says....for reals..

"My wife here was trying to cut her whiskers and cut her chin instead. "

I immediately bit my tongue as HARD as I could so I would not burst out laughing!

Poor thing...I wouldn't want anyone to know either.

2. I go to Macy's, and lately I have been listening to talks and things on tape. Well, I was really just at the very end of one and wanted to finish before I went into the store. So I turned off my engine and was just sitting there until this random guy gets in my car....
 Needless to say, I am pretty startled and confused and he finally looks over, just as confused and says, 

"Sorry! Wrong car!" 

Pretty funny. And a little freaky. 

3. Going to the Eye doctor is usually a non-invasive, easy in easy out type of examination.You sit behind those giant glasses that they change the lenses on and the doctor rarely touches you right? Well, when mine checks me he shines his light up to my eye and he gets SO close that his cheek is on mine and I just always feel really uncomfortable...for sure invading my bubble.  He also has horrible breath which just adds to the experience,  and says "ompen (instead of open) and close".

So there I am, and  I just can't help but start to feel giggly...real mature right? So to keep myself from laughing I was literally biting down hard enough to take a chunk out of my cheek or tongue.

And then suddenly,  I just couldn't hold it anymore and I just burst out  laughing.  Loud. It was super awkward...I had no idea how to explain why I was laughing and just had to B.S. something.


Speaking of awkward, if you have never been to beg of you to go. It will bless your life. Here are some of my favorites...

So amazing!! It is hard to just pick a few....

Well, I am FINALLY on fall break and headed to Good ol' Dixie this weekend. I can't wait!! I miss it so much.

Happy Wednesday.
Saturday, October 15, 2011

Anatomy at UVU

UVU anatomy class is insanely ridiculous. 
I know, I know, everyone says ALL anatomy classes are hard, but I am telling you from experience that this one is ca-razy. I compared my book to Dixie's, BYU's and SLCC...and I am telling you, probably 40 to 50% more info.

Why am I even taking it again? I took at Dixie and I am stupid...because some advisor told me that a B- in lecture and an A in lab would never get me into the UVU nursing program. Maybe not. But little did I think, "duh, you can at least try UVU and apply other places..." No, I just did it, not knowing the ridiculousness of it.

Trust me, this kind of stuff fascinates me. However, it doesn't fascinate me when my teacher wants to trick us on tests and put a ridiculous amount of information into one week. 

Needless to say the average on our tests have been 35-45%...and thank goodness they curve! I have never been so happy about a 60% on a test in my life, until now. 

I walk around the school and see other students carrying all of their anatomy books (which equals a library by the way) and we always seem to make eye contact with each other as to say, "Oh, you are in anatomy? You hate life right now also? Glad we are in this together." 

I will say however, that by the time this experience is over I will know anatomy REALLY well after taking it a second time and taking it from Shively. Great guy, horrible at writing tests. And you know, I really feel like they pride themselves on the fact that they are the hardest in the state and like to keep it that way. So a little advice from Chels...don't take it at UVU.

I know I am studying too much when instead of saying a normal direction like a normal person something slips out "medial" or "inferior". Or dreaming about muscles. Or random words just are going through my head all of the time like "sustentaculum tali of the calcaneous". Or when I go to work thinking "wow, they have awesome defined muscles...they would make a great cadaver." So not ok...but it just happens!

So wish me luck kids. If you want to find me, follow the formaldehyde smell. I will more than likely be there. 

PS. I can apply for nursing in Jan! Finally. We'll see!
Monday, October 10, 2011

Blind dating

Well, if I had a nickel for every person who said they wanted to set me up with someone these days I would be rich!

Don't worry, I actually really like to be set up on blind dates because I feel like I get to know more people, and for the most part mine have gone really well when my friends have set me hasn't gone so well when the old folks have tried.

Here are some stories just to prove my point.

1. I was getting a resident ready for bed and was just rubbing some lotion on her hands and helping her feel comfortable when she says to me, "oh, I bet your husband loves when you help him like this." I replied, "well, actually I am not married". "You're not?! Well, I have the perfect guy to set you up with...his name is Blaine and he is 68 years old. How old are you?"


By this time my jaw has dropped and I am just cracking up. "I'm 22! That's a HUGE gap!"
"Oh, age don't matter" she says, "plus he is pretty rich... he has his own apartment. His wife died 14 years ago so he knows how to treat the ladies. Do ya like to bowl? He loves to bowl."

So I am just getting a kick out of this until hear her on the phone in the other room (talking extra loud because she can't hear) "Blaine! I got a lady friend here I was you to meet!"

Color is now draining out of my face because I can't believe she ACTUALLY called him. Luckily nothing has transpired so far and I hope she has just forgotten the conversation even occurred...I hope he has too.

2. Also another resident has been saying she wanted to set me up on a blind date for weeks with a "Polynesian man",  because I am Polynesian and I preach that I love the brown ones. Well, months go by and she is still telling me that as soon as she finds out his name she will let me know.

Well she found out alright.....

It just HAPPENED to be my Uncle Jay.

That will not work on SO many levels. Good try though!

From now on, I will not be taking set-ups by my patients, thank you very much!

And on a side note... best quote of the week goes to Alzheimer's went a little something like this:

"Don't you look at me like I have Syphilis!"


HILARIOUS I tell you, hilarious.