Monday, October 24, 2011

Good times at Dixie State

It was my fall break this week and so I went for a visit during homecoming to this place:

 It made me want these good times back....really bad.

Seriously, there is nothing better than Dixie spirit and it was so fun to go to my Student Government reunion for the 100 year celebration. It made me so homesick!! Honestly, choosing Dixie was one of the best and most random decisions I ever made. I remember, I was all set to go to BYU and had everything ready to go when I didn't have a good feeling about going there all of the sudden. It made no logical sense, but it felt so sure. I went down and took a tour and was offered a good scholarship and I immediately fell in love with the campus. The rest is history, and I can definitely say I was led to Dixie and can see so clearly now why I needed to be there.

I knew one person in all of Saint George, UT...but I ended up making some of the best friends I have ever had and experienced the greatest and most challenging 3 years of my life.

Well, I am still so close with the best people in the world! I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to in the short trip, but I did get to see these girls (minus Kels :( add a couple extra!).

I had a wonderful weekend going to the Alumni banquet, the homecoming dance to be Stef's date and help out (which PS. if you are reading this and you have gone to is growing so much! That dance was huuuggggee. It looked amazing! Good job student gov!), going up to Dixie rock and reminiscing, shopping, and catching up with all the people I love so much.

Well, I loved this weekend so much I am seriously considering going back in January....there are a lot more pro's then con's. We'll see!

Have a happy day!


Zane and Cami said...

GO BACK TO DIXIE!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say about that....:)

Jess Miller said...

Yay Dixie!! Come back Chels!! :)

MyInnerCheerleader said...

Cute photo of your friends and the beautiful bride.