Saturday, October 15, 2011

Anatomy at UVU

UVU anatomy class is insanely ridiculous. 
I know, I know, everyone says ALL anatomy classes are hard, but I am telling you from experience that this one is ca-razy. I compared my book to Dixie's, BYU's and SLCC...and I am telling you, probably 40 to 50% more info.

Why am I even taking it again? I took at Dixie and I am stupid...because some advisor told me that a B- in lecture and an A in lab would never get me into the UVU nursing program. Maybe not. But little did I think, "duh, you can at least try UVU and apply other places..." No, I just did it, not knowing the ridiculousness of it.

Trust me, this kind of stuff fascinates me. However, it doesn't fascinate me when my teacher wants to trick us on tests and put a ridiculous amount of information into one week. 

Needless to say the average on our tests have been 35-45%...and thank goodness they curve! I have never been so happy about a 60% on a test in my life, until now. 

I walk around the school and see other students carrying all of their anatomy books (which equals a library by the way) and we always seem to make eye contact with each other as to say, "Oh, you are in anatomy? You hate life right now also? Glad we are in this together." 

I will say however, that by the time this experience is over I will know anatomy REALLY well after taking it a second time and taking it from Shively. Great guy, horrible at writing tests. And you know, I really feel like they pride themselves on the fact that they are the hardest in the state and like to keep it that way. So a little advice from Chels...don't take it at UVU.

I know I am studying too much when instead of saying a normal direction like a normal person something slips out "medial" or "inferior". Or dreaming about muscles. Or random words just are going through my head all of the time like "sustentaculum tali of the calcaneous". Or when I go to work thinking "wow, they have awesome defined muscles...they would make a great cadaver." So not ok...but it just happens!

So wish me luck kids. If you want to find me, follow the formaldehyde smell. I will more than likely be there. 

PS. I can apply for nursing in Jan! Finally. We'll see!


Lachele said...

I don't know if I should feel special I know all those words, or if I should be worried I'm just as big of an anatomy nerd as you are.

good luck tho.

A.T. Fitt said...

Should I take it from Wootton instead? I'm registering right now for summer classes and Wootton is teaching one of the lab sections (the only thing that sucks is it is the late night class). I took anatomy when I was at BYU and aced lecture but got a D in lab so I'm just a little bit scared out of my pants to take an even harder version of it, but gotta get er done. Any advice?