Monday, March 21, 2011

The big long explanation of the heart situation.

Ok, here it goes pals...I will do my best to explain how the appointment went today.

First off it was easily one of the longest days of my life. We were at the doctor for 4 hours for sure, if not longer.

I had the bubble test slash echo first with the tech and once again it was the same old news...medium sized hole in the heart. I was so bummed and they made it seem like I was most likely not going to get my way with the surgery and that was what I was gearing up for.

Well...we waited and waited, and waited....and waited hours more. They put us in a room with a TV and I was so anxiety ridden and just tired of being there that I couldn't pay attention to anything. My poor mother was also dying of hunger and we just really needed some answers.

I finally figured out why we were there so long! Because A) the guy has great bed side manner B) he listens C) he knows his stuff and D) he has done over 4,000 of these PFO surgeries in his he sees a lot of people.

Well, to make a really long story short when I came home from my mission I had an MRI done and there was a small white spot that they deemed unusual but nothing of concern. First things first Dr. Sorensen says that is most definitely a concern and was a mini stroke. He said neurologists don't think those spots are a concern in young women until many start showing up or a massive stroke occurs. This is much more likely in women taking a hormone replacement therapy or birth control because of the rise of blood clots. But many studies have been done that those spots are in fact strokes and he said I am just lucky we only see one. The only thing that concerns me is that MRI was done a while ago and I have had A LOT of migraines since then. That's ok, I don't want to know, let's just get it fixed.

In my case because I have had such a history of neurological issues as well, this is more of a concern he says. Even though hole is medium, this is a stroke prevention rather than a migraine/seizure/sleep apnea/fatigue prevention (hahaha wow, I have been such an issue). However, if we can get rid of all of it in one surgery which is possible...that would be amazing.

He said after the surgery 40% of people that have it  feel like a completely new person, 40% have lessened migraines and have other migraines are coming from another source, and 20% it doesn't do anything for (which is really rare but he has to tell me that anyway).

The important thing, he reminds me, is that he can 100% guarantee I will not be having a stroke after the surgery...and that is the good news - actually the best news. So if I do have a migraine with stroke-like symptoms, at least I am not worried that I am having a stroke.

So April 14th is the day I will go in for surgery!

It is a conscious sedation and then you spend a night there in the hospital. It is pretty quick recovery and then takes about 6 months for your heart to fully heal over the device so your have to take it easy....

I finally feel validated after 6 years of feeling like a nutsy.

I already know I am gonna be in the 40% of feeling amazing...don't even worry about it :)


Rachel said...

YAY! I am SO happy for you! LOVE YOU!