Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scuddles is my bestie.

They say (who are "they"? Really, I want to know when you find out.) dogs are a man's best friend.

Well, I am a woman and Scuddles (Sonny) is mine.

I mean look at this mug:

You cannot deny that that little munchie mug is so sweet and angelic. 
I know what you are thinking if you don't like dogs..."I don't like dogs, AND especially I don't like little dogs."

Well, I hate to break it to you, but once Scuddles weasels his way into your heart with his tricks, little scuddley personality, and rubber's a little too much for people to handle and you end up liking him just a little.

He can right now:

Play dead when you make your hand into a gun and say, "bang"
Slow dances with you
Can give you high five
Polka Dance
Twirl around with his arms out
Roll over
Ring a bell when he needs to go outside to go potty
Play hide and go seek
And play soccer with an ice cube....all thanks to the master trainer Mister Gould (aka the Mother)

Well, his tricks are beside the point...they are phenomenal, but Scuddles just has so much more depth. We were besties before, but our friendship has been taken to a whole new level...

I mean we go EVERYWHERE together and we share EVERYTHING (meaning food, home, family and the couch in which a sleep). I love the little pup. And he knows it. 

He knows now that I can't look into that little face without sharing whatever it is I am eating (unless of course it would be a hazard to him) without giving him just a little taste....I just can't bare it anymore. 

So every night we have the same thing happen....

I have to make myself eat something small - like maybe a bagel or a yogurt or something - (I hate eating now by the way...who ever thought that would happen to me? I am a POLYNESIAN girl.) so I can take my meds. I get it and take it down to the hole (AKA the basement couch....where I have resided for almost 4 months...shoot me) and Sonny rushes down and hops on the couch before I even get there.

Because he knows....he knows that I always let him lick the lid from the yogurt.

And I always say...."Ohhhhh, Scuddles! You wants some O-gurts???" 

And he get's sooooo excited. That little muffin get's SO excited and I love it. 

And I love Scuddles and Scuddles loves me. We're BFF's forever because no matter what happens he's always happy to see me and always there to snuggle me when I have a rough day.

When I used to have seizures he always knew. He would always get anxious and sit on top of me....and when I am sick he is always worried. That's because we are besties...

So I can share o-gurts and pieces of bagel with my bestie for sure...just not pieces of chicken because you are allergic.

Happy Saturday!

Love you my little Scuddley Wuddley.

And between me and the rest of everyone who loves you, I think you may be the most loved dog in the world...but I think I love you the most.


Heart Mommy said...

oooohhh I love him too! He is such a good little puppy.. I think you should take him to PCMC as a help the kiddies get better doggie. I better come visit him soon. Okay and you too!