Saturday, March 26, 2011

LOVING this group.

Have you heard of the band Fictionist?? 

Admittedly I had not until a few days ago. I am real sad I am late in the game because they are seriously FANTASTIC. That's right, all caps. My long lost student government buddy from high school Liz emailed me and asked me if I had heard of them...wondered if I could do a post to help spread the word on them. When I heard them A) thought OF course I would and B) have been plugged into their music non-stop while I have been trying to write all these dang essays for college application (Sidenote: it is no fun to write essays when your brain is at half mass. My friends now call me "strokey"...first I was seizure girl now I am strokey. REAL funny! Ok enough of that).

I am hooked on Fictionist.

And now we need to try and help them win this big competition!

It is a Rolling Stones competition all based on popular votes. With over 6,000 votes they have already made it into round two out of four! It goes until April 14th and the winners are chosen over the summer. If they win they will be on cover of Rolling Stones, go on Jimmy Fallon, play in a major music festival, and get a major record deal. Whew.

Annnndd if I might add they are all returned missionaries and studied jazz at BYU. Go Mormons!

I asked Liz, "So do you happen to know these guys?" Stuart, Fictionist's Singer is her husband's brother, and Robbie the electric guitarist is married to her husband's sister. No big deal.

Sooo, all you gotta do to show these guys some love is listen and watch the most excellent of videos below and then follow the instructions on this link. It takes two seconds and we can help them win! Also when you vote you get to download FOR FREE 4 of their when I mean I have been plugged into their music non-stop, I mean I have been plugged into their music non-stop.


Thanks Liz for making my life better because I now know Fictionist.