Thursday, March 31, 2011

My ALL better list.

Something that is really therapeutic for me when I have ended up in bed sick for long periods of time is to make an "ALL better list". It is a way for me to make goals in the future, and then make a gratitude book for the progress I make.

 There was a time when things were pretty bad when my list was really simple and looked like this:
1. Shower myself
2. Walk to the end of the cul-de-sac
3. Do my own hair
4. Get out of the wheel chair AKA stop having so many seizures

Gratefully now my "ALL better list" I am not quite so debilitated and not in a wheel chair so it is a little bit longer and not so sad. This has been hard in its own way, but I have a new list this time and I can't wait to check them off one by one:

1. Enjoy the sun without it hurting my head.
2. NOT watch TV.
3. Read a book without getting a migraine.
4. Be able to drive again.
5. Go for a walk.
6. Wakeboard.
7. Hike
8. Not get nauseated before, during, and after I eat.
9. Travel stop: South America?? Argentina?? I don't know! Time will tell. 
10. Run.
11. Not be tired all the time.
12. Not have muscle hurts.
13. Boating and Lake Powell
14. Go to the mall.
15. Listen to music REALLY LOUD and not have it hurt my heady.
16. Not get sick at the temple.
17. Go to Hawaii
18. Be able to go to ALL 3 hours of church EVERY Sunday.
19. Hula again.
20. Be able to think clearly enough to scrapbook again.

Many, many more things could go on this list....but that's good for now! I can't wait to feel better again.

April 14th couldn't come fast enough.