Sunday, March 6, 2011

Laugh if you will...

but I am totally going to enter this dang contest.

Since I was like what...eight?? I have been watching Oprah freaking Winfrey and have wanted to go to the show.  Now she decides to end the show and so I will find a way to make it there if it kills me.

We all know she inspired me to do humanitarian I am just going to go ahead and enter hahah.

And you are all laughing now! But when Gayle King shows up on my doorstep...well, we will see who will be laughing. Ha!

Michael Webb...this one's for you.


Diana Smith said...

Haha how awesome would it be if Gayle King showed up at your door? Haha

Michael said...

Love it. You have this in the bag. Just send her a picture of Michael Webb