Saturday, March 19, 2011

Creeper number one.

You cannot legitimately watch this and not be freaked out.

I have been freaked out about it for weeks because it comes on every other commercial on Hulu...and I watch a lot of Hulu. 

The guy in it looks like a serial killer and like he is planning to murder his fiance.
Annnnddd...the cat looks fake and disgusting.
Plus who proposes with with a cat??
Just watch it and you will see...

See what I mean?

The way he gets that face with that creepy idea...
and then he starts making plans in the night!
And then covering her eyes and just....I duno, it's disturbing.

Good luck with your fake marriage and your fake cat!

I hope you don't end up dead.

I just have really strong feelings about it because it really freaks me out....

Plus the music belongs in a funeral home where her funeral might be.

The end.


Sheri said...

Hahaha. Chels, you make me laugh!! I saw this commercial the other day while watching Hulu and do you want to know the first thing that I did when I saw it!? I searched the internet to see if there were any kittens like that for sell!! I FELL IN LOVE!!! I would have LOVED if Nick would have proposed with that kitten! It's the cutest thing to ever hit this planet!! And even watching it through again, I don't see how it looks fake! It just made me want one more!! BUT I will say his face was a little bit creepy when he got the idea to give her a kitten! But that's all I can see! I don't see him wanting to kill her.. But I LOVE that you do!! Because every time I see this commercial now, I am going to think of you! I love you Chels!!