Monday, March 28, 2011

Scuddles (my dog) has a rubber lip.

Sonny really does have a rubber lip that looks like an inner tube.

I don't know why, but my mom and I get such a kick out of him and his rubber lip...we think it is so funny.

See photo here:

No...actually, let me give you a better look here:

Even better, here is an up close view of the lip itself:

Do you see what I mean? Sometimes it sticks out even more and he gets this little smile that gets stuck on his snaggle tooth and that cracks me up so bad. I can't EVEN handle it.

Many times I just like to come up and flip his rubber lip down to expose his very crooked bottom teeth, all while making the noise "doink". This really bugs him, and really makes me laugh.

Speaking of teeth, we have doggy toothpaste (liver-flavored...EW!) and this really funny looking doggy toothbrush. I thought while I had nothing to do I would try brushing his teeth...I couldn't bring myself to use the toothpaste because I thought it would just make his breath smell worse, but I tried brushing...IT WAS SO FUNNY...but he hated me. So I stopped. I will never be a dental hygienist...especially not a DOG dental hygienist. I will leave all of that up to Cami, Lindsey and Vayla, thank you very much.

What a crazy headed pooper scoops! Gosh I just love him sa-much. He looks so nutsy when he doesn't have a hair cut. Ha!
More later.


Lauren said...

That's the most random thing ever!
& so cute.
rubber tube, that makes me want to go swimming!

Zane and Cami said...

haha, oh believe mouths are SO MUCH DIFFERENT than human mouths. I should have gone into that though-they charge like $450 bucks to have dogs teeth professionally cleaned!