Friday, March 25, 2011

Vayla Moo-say Mitchell

Ohhh boy. Where do I even start with this girl? Well, today surely is her day of birth...the day, as Michael Scott would say "she emerged from her mother's..." never mind. Ha! If you know Michael Scott from The Office you know just right exactly where that is headed (pun completely intended! WOW! I am funny today! HA!).

Well, Vayla and I haven't been friends since we were kids, but it feels like it! I just love the girl and I don't know if there are too many people who could make me laugh much harder. Majority of our HILARIOUS experiences could never touch this blog, but trust me when I say they are for the record books.

Some of my favorite and funny memories would have to be going to Thailand last summer with Baby V. This was not only Vayla's first time out of the country, but her first time on a plane! That is very brave to bear the 16 hours for your first time. Let me say she did well, she did REALLY, really well. I have flown a lot and that was a MISERABLE flight. Also, I just love to tease her because she brought her entire food storage with her and we are glad she did. I was jealous because unlike her I was up puking literally 26 times in one night while she slept soundly with her applesauce and peaches.

The best moment of the entire trip (and I will tell this story til the day I die) was walking into our third world hotel room to find her on one of the hottest days dripping wet, buck naked standing arms out in front of the cooler yelling "I CAN'T, I CAN'T, I CAN'T!" I shut the door, stopped dead in my tracks, fell to the ground and laughed until I couldn't breathe. I promise it was the funniest thing I have ever seen...mostly because of the most prominent tan line I have ever seen, and the most distressed look I have ever witnessed.

She was such a champion and was so amazing with the kids. What a heart of pure gold! One of the kids especially, Bownui just absolutely melted for her and she is going back this summer! They are going to die when they see her.  I could not be more jealous!

Vayla has overcome so much in her life and I am so proud of the life she has lived! She just found out she got into the dental hygiene program at Dixie and she deserves it so much. No one has better grades than that girl, and let me tell you, she works for it. I just love her so much and she has been such a great friend to me! I could tell stories about her til I am blue in the face, but I am just so glad she is one of my best friends. The boys love her and I can see why! With those eyes and that infectious laugh...see ya later! Sorry to tell you boys, she is taken! She has been there for me with a lot that has gone on in the last while and has been such a great shoulder to cry on. Thanks for being a friend for me Vay and always helping me through the rough times!

Happy birthday Baby V...On to the next one ;)


Vay said...

oh my freakin heck!!! Chels. I almost have tears in my eyes!! seriously. that was so sweet. i freakin love you chels! you are the best friend i could ever ask for! i love you!!!