Thursday, September 17, 2009

Childhood story #2

I remember this day PERFECTLY.

My dad had just been called into the high council and so he was going to be set apart right after stake conference that sunday.
My mom wanted to have it be a really nice day, so we got up early and had all the kids ready: our hair perfect, shoes tied, bows in hair, breakfast down...all that good stuff.

We got in the car perfectly early/on time and we started to back out.

We had an Expedition at the time that fit to the limits on our garage.
Somehow, the emergency pull cord that drops the garage door got caught in the car door and had slipped down a couple inches.

As we pulled out we heard a loud *sssscccrrraaapppee* on the top of the car.
Startling us all my mom said, "well what the crap was that?"and opened the car door to get out.

Not realizing it, she had not put the car in park and got out while it was still in reverse.
The car kept backing out as the car door was caught on the big shelves.

That did it, and hyperextended the door all the way back.
The mother jumped in the car while it was moving and let out a big "SH*&!".
I had never hear my mom swear.

I BURST into tears, which burst the other kids into tears. We got to church and my dad walked in to see me on the row BAWLING.

"What's wrong with Chels?"

Without missing a beat I replied in a "too loud for church sobbing voice":


You can tell I was quite the perfectionistic anxiety-ridden child.

And that was the first time I heard my mom swear.
I'll never forget it.


Cami said...

Love it!!!

A Real Good Bet said...

This is totally unrelated, but I think I forgot to give you Ray's new blog! It's

While he's gone I'm going to post the emails that he emails to the family on it so that anyone who wants to can know what is going on in his life!

The Button's said...

Oh you are my favorite! I absoutely LOVE how you tell stories. You are such a funny girl:) I love you tons!

Meg said...

I did that when I heard my Mom say, "I feel like I am in Hell!" I thought she was sooo sooo naughty! Oh boy! Loved your story, hope your Mom does!