Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lady Ga Ga cramps my style.

Did you watch the VMAs tonight? If you did, then you have seen MANY interesting things. Does anyone else think Lady Ga Ga looks like a bunny?
Also, can someone else please explain the blood.....? Weird.

What was WEIRDER was the girl in the wheel chair. She was dancing with her legs. It was so random.I hate to break it to her, but if she was really in a wheel chair she probably most likely would nat be able to move her legs...I'm just sayin.
I wish I had a picture of her in her weird red twine outfit. It was just...well...weird.
I duno, it just all cramped me.

I also am a big fan of Kanye West, but maybe not so much after he grabbed the mic out of Tayor Swift's hands and said that Beyonce should have won best video.

Gosh I sound like the tabloids, but I have been cramped. And cramped big time.

What did you think?? Leave a comment and let me know.


kayla & tyler said...

I didn't watch it. kinda wanted to, but I missed it. and lady gaga is pretty nuts. she always looks so creepy to me. and i am so in LOVE WITH KANYE west. he is such a genius. and i'm not surprised that he grabbed the mike from Taylor Swift. he's all cocky like that. haha i love it!

Alexis! said...

I like Lady GaGa, her performance was interesting to say the least. She's a performer by far, so that's what she does. She's leaning more towards shocking things, but I doubt it is necessarily to shock. My idea is that she has meaning behind what she's doing and it just shocks people. :) People have the same misconception about Marilyn Manson, for example, when nearly everything he does can be cited for in another's work.