Monday, September 14, 2009

I did it once and thought I would never do it again....

but here I am!

Getting ready for another round of this:

That's right, another pageant.

I know what you are thinking...

- Ewww, pageants are stupid and for stupid girls.
- Oh my gosh, I would NEVER do that...
- There is so much stigma! Why would you put yourself through that?
- Oh my gosh, you are such a pageant girl (ashley gibson)!

But amazingly, I kind of liked the last one I did.
Here are the GOOD points of being in a pageant:

- You have a reason to get skinny (walking in a swimsuit in front of a crowd is always a good motivator)
- You learn SO many good interview skills
- You are working to get yourself to become your best self
- You gain more self-confidence
- You get all dressed up
- You work on your talent
- You learn how to public speak
- You learn how to walk in heels

and the biggest reason I am doing it:
You get to talk about your platform... a lot!

Mine is CREATING LIFETIME HUMANITARIANS: Youth Service Involvement

So I am trying really hard to win here so I can work towards Miss Utah. It would give me such a voice to talk to hundreds of that is the goal. We will see how it goes! Wish me luck. I am not looking forward to the swim suit. But I am dropping weight a lot! So good news right?

I am also not looking forward to all the snitchy stuff either....I will keep the funny pageant stories coming....that's a promise.


Andrea Thayne said...


You're so great! :) Hope life is good, Chelz.

Alexis! said...

I've always thought pageants had some good to them. :) Just do it healthily and it's an amazing thing!