Saturday, September 12, 2009

H1N1 Pick-up lines

So I am laying here with Swine Flu and Bronchitis and I feel really crappy. Really, really crappy. And well, I can't believe how unlucky I can be sometimes. It came so quickly. Anyway, I decided I would compile a list of H1N1 pick-up lines/how to get a man since everyone is so wigged out about it, Ray gave me the idea so here they go:

1. I think I have a fever! Can you put your face to mine to see if I am warm?

2. I have the chills. We should nestle.

3. I'm quarantined, want to be quarantined with me?

4. I have body aches...will you rub me down?

Those are it...I am sure they would work if you tried. If you need some lovin' and are lonely, I would be more than happy to cough on your face so you could use them.

Hopefully I will survive these next 5 days of being summoned to my apartment. And who knows, maybe I could get some lovin'.


Ray said...

so after talking with you yesterday, I decided to google search your blog. And I am very pleased to see that you actually credited me...and you actually have swine flu!! haha, what the?! And right now I'm very concerned because..I don't feel 100% healthy, and I totally thought we were joking about you having h1n1.