Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blogworthy moments...

I have had some pretty great blog-worthy moments the last few days. They were really just so random and funny...definitely worth sharing.

1. I came down with Bronchitis Saturday morning and so I decided to go to Urgent Care and get checked out. Well, this really funny old couple comes in and they are just yelling and fighting with each other like you would not believe. I thought to myself, " I at work in the Alzheimers unit? I feel like all sounds strangely familiar."

Well, they continued, and the lady kept saying, "you are so stupid for making me come! I don't need to be here! You never listen to me!" Well, I look over and she has this large slice in her chin. I didn't think much about it until her husband goes to the front and says....for reals..

"My wife here was trying to cut her whiskers and cut her chin instead. "

I immediately bit my tongue as HARD as I could so I would not burst out laughing!

Poor thing...I wouldn't want anyone to know either.

2. I go to Macy's, and lately I have been listening to talks and things on tape. Well, I was really just at the very end of one and wanted to finish before I went into the store. So I turned off my engine and was just sitting there until this random guy gets in my car....
 Needless to say, I am pretty startled and confused and he finally looks over, just as confused and says, 

"Sorry! Wrong car!" 

Pretty funny. And a little freaky. 

3. Going to the Eye doctor is usually a non-invasive, easy in easy out type of examination.You sit behind those giant glasses that they change the lenses on and the doctor rarely touches you right? Well, when mine checks me he shines his light up to my eye and he gets SO close that his cheek is on mine and I just always feel really uncomfortable...for sure invading my bubble.  He also has horrible breath which just adds to the experience,  and says "ompen (instead of open) and close".

So there I am, and  I just can't help but start to feel giggly...real mature right? So to keep myself from laughing I was literally biting down hard enough to take a chunk out of my cheek or tongue.

And then suddenly,  I just couldn't hold it anymore and I just burst out  laughing.  Loud. It was super awkward...I had no idea how to explain why I was laughing and just had to B.S. something.


Speaking of awkward, if you have never been to beg of you to go. It will bless your life. Here are some of my favorites...

So amazing!! It is hard to just pick a few....

Well, I am FINALLY on fall break and headed to Good ol' Dixie this weekend. I can't wait!! I miss it so much.

Happy Wednesday.


Lauren Gardner said...

haha! I was literally laughing out loud! Those pictures cant be serious! Great post

Zane and Cami said...

Yes, yes, and YES! Those pictures totally made my day. And the dude getting into your car...???!!! how did you not freak out and pepper spray the dude! That is a little creepy...