Sunday, October 19, 2008

Top Ten

Lake Powell was a kick in the pants fun! I seriously loved it and I got to get some really really great R and R...which was needed. And so ladies and gents...I give you my top ten favorite things about Lake Powell this year:

1. Fishing. I seriously LOVE it. Call me mountain woman if you must, it seriously was the most relaxing thing ever. I really think I have picked up a great and mom out-fished everyone too which was fab....Dad caught the biggest.

2. Playing the WII boxing and tennis and my arms getting sore. Does anyone else LOVE the WII? I admit it was my first time playing and I loved it....even if my brother makes fun of me the WHOLE time I play because he says I use my "hips" too much. The hula dancer in me I guess....

3. Not studying as much as I should. This felt really good...and I think I can study better now after a break

4. Watching Tyler wakeboard. He is so dang good...I don't understand. So this is always fun especially when the tricks get bigger and better and the falling gets harder and more entertaining.

5. Laughing with the fam. I promise my family has the WEIRDEST...and sometimes could the humor could be considered...well never mind. Regardless we laugh really hard.

6. The Dam Bar and Grill. Seriously the BEST place to eat ever. I promise I think it is my favorite. Ahh....I got the shrip scampi that was to die for.

7. Not staying on my diet. This was another thing I should have done but felt so good not to do. I will start again tomorrow (don't laugh Jules. Even though since 8th grade I would start diets by saying, "oh I will just start tomorrow.")

8. Having my hair look like crazy woman hair every day. I seriously looked like a psycho because my hair has officially gone SO curly. I think this is due to my hormones being so whacked. Regardless, I looked insane every where I went.

9. The rocks. It is SO beautiful as I am sure everyone knows, but when you are just driving with the wind (which was FREEZING might I add) in your hair and watching all the scenery it is breathtaking. My favorite is still Navajo Canyon. It is gar-geous.

10. Getting lost on my way back for a second year in a row in Zion's canyon and having to pay 25 dang bucks to drive through. I don't know why I always do this but the sign does say "TO ST. GEORGE" and so I turn to go west instead of going north. So confusing. It is right, it just takes fifty years longer, is scary, and I always get lost.


JULIE said...

hahahaha. oh cheltz i miss you! and i just looked at the pictures on facebook...i love you guys. don't worry, i'm going to start exercising tomorrow. And waking up early, and getting ready every day, and wearing makeup. haha.