Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ok, so I have kind of a crazy professor that I am not really fond of. To make things worse this is what she said to me in her thick Filipino accent (I don't understand why she is teaching English??)":

- (looks at my knee) "Wow does that hurt?"
Thinking, wow! She actually cares? She was mad a week ago that I had to miss her class for surgery (like it's my fault).

- "Actually, it hurts way bad unfortunately."

- "More than a pap smear?"
Me thinking A: semi-irrelevant, COMPLETELY different parts. B: awkward...especially in front of the class.

- (me blinking really fast now because I am so taken back) "Uhm yeahhhh....way worse. Those are nothin."

- "Man I can't believe that! I had one it...hurt like hell!"

- "Uhhh ok."

- "Have you had them?"

- "Uhhhh... yeah, lots of times."

- "Oh...ok. Ok class it's after 12 lets get started."

Keep in mind everyone was listening. Duh surgery hurts more than a pap smear! Those are like 2 sec with no recovery. Weird. WEE-IRD.

And I got walked in on in the bathroom in the math department. Awkward.


A Real Good Bet said...

Hehehehe . . . That's pretty funny.
How is that professor?Do you hate her? Because I have to take a class from her next semester I think and I'm scared! Is her accent worse than my mom's?

Michelle said...

oh my, so awkward but so funny! It's a good thing your class was able to hear about your gynecological history

Nate Q. Jensen said...

I'm just glad you explained what a Pat Smear was to me...or am I?

Nate Q. Jensen said...

excuse me, a PAP I need the history behind the word, because it still makes no sense.

A Real Good Bet said...

It's named after the crazy man who invented it!
His last name is something crazy. Pap . . .

Angie and Ronnie said...

Haha even though you told me the story, reading it made me laugh quite hard. And what made it even better was to read Nate's comments!