Saturday, December 27, 2008

Times gone by.

Some days I miss so much Kenya and Mexico. Today is definitely one of those days.

I miss (as weird as some of these may seem):
- The smells
- The craziness of the cities
- Unconditional love from an entire orphanage
- Teaching American games
- Ugali (the best food ever!)
- Seeing the faces of mothers when you bring their child back with their facial deformity repaired.
- Matatus (the bus system)
- Trying my best to speak Spanish and getting laughed at by natives
- Meeting Mwangi everyday to play with him
- Telling an Orphan 'I love you' when they have never heard it before
- Going to a ward with no sense of it usually went over an hour in sacrament.
- Being so tired from a 15 hour day in the hospital but feeling so rewarded
- Seeing Zebras on the side of the road
- Getting called "Mzungu" (white person) constantly in the street
- Really cheap markets
- The Operation Smile team
- Seeing all walks of life
- Able to be in the middle of surgery
- Rocking kids to sleep
And sooooo much more. I watched some videos of Kenya and Mexico and I couldn't help but cry. I feel like it is time for me to go back. YouthLinc just asked me to go to Thailand with them. I wish I could ... $$ *ching ching*.