Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yay for blood...and other news.

After much blood (no pun intended), sweat, and tears I got into the phlebotomy program. I am so stoked! And only a few more months til I can apply for nursing.

In other news in the life of Chels:

1. That same crazy professor (see previous blog post) asked a girl in front of the class who her plastic surgeon was for her booby job.
2. Cow pies for Kenya is on Wed. Wish us luck! I really hope we sell all the has been a bum cheek load of work.
3. My knee surgery (round number 3) didn't work. I know. I am so mad as well. It snaps like every two minutes harder and more painful than before...oh yeah, that was what was supposed to go away when I had the surgery.
4. Finals this next week! Uggghhh. My anatomy final is gonna be a toughy...and well the cadavers aren't looking so lovely or smelling so lovely either. Math however is gonna be bomb because my math teacher makes me come do math with her every day for an hour...even on the weekends for 3 hours. Bless her heart for working with my severely handicapped math brain.
5. I had two stupid seizures tonight because I am smart enough to miss taking my meds for three days. I don't know how I can be so stupid.


Michelle said...

Chels I am so sorry about your knee surgery! that is terrible! I will keep you in my prayers...

p.s, i am petitioning you to consider putting up a disclaimer when you put grossy pictures on your blog.. something like: DISCLAIMER MICHELLE PETERSON I am posting a picture of a needle penetrating the skin and finding a vein and then proceeding to suck the blood from it.

Then i will know that i need to close my eyes while i scroll past your picture

A Real Good Bet said...

I don't know who Michelle is, but I totally agree with her about the disclaimers when you have gross pictures . . . ew. . .
Also, I think I convinced more people to buy squares! So . . . when are you selling them?

The Payne's said...

OH Chels... I am so exciting for you. Phlebotomy is so much blasted fun... seriously, one of the best courses I ever took. It's kind of gross that I get all excited about sticking people. You will then start to notice people's arms and if they have good veins... again, kind of gross but it's true. Good luck, I know you will love it!

Michelle said...

Hi dat so my nice SHELTZ!!!!This is your Mama, and I am so proud for you!
Way to get a 100% on your math test!!! WUHOOOO!!!!

I love ya Sheltz!!