Monday, January 26, 2009

What. The. Judd.

Welp, Dixie officially has a mascot again. Unfortunately it is LA-ame. We are the Dixie "Red Storms"....but the mascot is a bull named "Ragin' Red". Lucky for us we had no say in our horribly designed logo. It honestly looks like a tornado and a bull mated, and this is what we got:

I miss the rebels. Although politically incorrect, I say if Utah gets to be "Utes", rebels can't be THAT bad. Or they could have changed it to just the bulls...or scorpions....or red devils....but no. We got the big ugly.

My dad loving called me after it was announced on the news and said "Hi my little dust storm!" Ouch. Just enough to kick me where it counts when the school I love has just been murdered.

The good news: we beat Notre Dame tonight.


A Real Good Bet said...

I am seriously so disappointed in our ugliness!!!
Oh well . . .my mom stole my shirt.

kayla & tyler said...

HAHAH! reading that made me laugh so hard!!! haha you crack me up.

Natalie said...

So are so right on...!

MrColtonJackson said...

yeah mascots politically incorrectness is so annoying! here at the U we are making the slow transition between "utes" and the "red-tailed hawks"... LAME