Sunday, December 6, 2009

End of the semester grumpies.

I hate them. Hate them with all of me. I feel like this:

Here are a few of the reasons why I want to punch everyone during this time of anger:

1. Everyone else has the end of semester grumpies too and so we all want to punch everyone else.

2. I generally have the tireds and zero drive to do anything, yet so much to get done.

3. Work always somehow needs you more when your classes are more intense.

4. Finals. Enough said.

5. Everyone in student government is sitting on pins and needles trying to finish out our last big events and is also very grumpster.

6. I just want to play. And so does Lily but I can't. This drives me crazy.

7. People (i,e, Cam, Kass, Todd, Jess, and everyone else in the world) get married at this time and it cramps me to watch them go.

8. I get really on edge because I am not 100 percent sure on where my grades stand.

9. Time to start on a nursing application. Enough said.

10. I always run out of groceries at this time and don't want to buy more because I am going home. This means rationing out crap food and eating out too much.

Boooo finals. Boooo classes. Boooo trying figure out where in the judd life is going. Two weeks...I can do anything for two weeks.


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