Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Hey Everyone!

Well, transfers were this week and Sister M and I are staying here in
Lancaster another transfer! That will be really good so we can redeem
ourselves from the rough one that we have had. I FINALLY passed my
kidney stone and so I am feeling much better. Still not eating much,
but 8 pounds lost I don't mind too much! Unfortunately it felt like
child birth and all I got was some crummy rock out of it. Heavenly
Father definitely tried my faith, patience, and endurance this

- Sister M and I set a lot of great goals and things are already
starting to pick up. We had some cool things happen, like finding a
new investigator name Shalaun! She is 19 and has a little boy named
Jeremiah Isiah....any more Biblical? Anyway, she said she really wants
to find a church and we thought, uhm yes, we can help with that! She
loved when we came over and we have a return appointment tomorrow.
Yay! Also, while contacting we found this guy named Ken and when we
contacted him he didn't seem interested at all. But we set up an
appointment but that was the day I was really sick. We weren't sure if
we wanted to call and cancel because that always gives them a way to
back out of things. With Sister Rees' help we decided to call which
was the way to go. That night had been a big storm and a lot of the
phones went out and that is where he works. When we called he said, "
Oh! I am so glad you called! I had to work late and was so worried
because I didn't have your number to tell you I couldn't make it! I
was going to run home and leave a note to let you know that I still
really want to meet and I wasn't standing you up!" We were floored,
and really excited. Hopefully he read the pamphlet we gave him.

- We had Elder Rasband here yesterday to reorganize the Lancaster
Stake. It was such an incredible meeting filled with the spirit. Just
glad I can't ever be called as a stake president....STRESSFUL!

- They reorganized our district and zones and so now we are in a new
one with probably 2 of the funniest Elders as Zone Leaders, and a
really cool district leader. We are the only sister's in the zone and
so it makes things interesting. We have a lot of fun with them and on
Saturday we had a transfer breakfast. It was good times and the Elders
always remind us to lighten up and not take things too seriously,
because they sure don't!

-I finished the Book of Mormon this last week with doing all of the
markings. My testimony grew so much of that book in the way that I
studied it! It came alive and I enjoyed it so much more than I ever
have. What has been really great is studying the New Testament and I
am going to read that next along with Jesus the Christ as a help. I
have learned some fascinating things and am growing so much. It is so
clear why this gospel is true as I continue reading that book. Talmage
man, he must have had a lot of help from the other side if not Christ
himself helping him with that book because it is so powerful. I really
can't get enough of studying and learning out here and I love that I
get to do that every day. The only problem is an hour isn't enough.

- I just wanted to share really quickly a few things that I learned
and really loved this week. When I was learning in Matthew 4 when the
Lord fasts for 40 days. I never realized the temptations that followed
the Savior during this time.
Sometimes we forget that the Savior even was capable of sin in
general. But he was - it is like an honest man wouldn't steal, but he
is capable of it. However Satan tempts him with many things and one
that really stuck out to me was when Satan continues to say, "IF youa
re the Son of god..." He says this a lot to him! He is trying to get
him to doubt his divinity. The Lord was still learning line upon line,
precept on precept that he truly was the Son of God. Satan does this a
lot to us, me especially to try and forget our divinity. As soon as he
can get us to doubt that, it is a lot easier to make mistakes. We must
remember who we are!!

I love this gospel so much. It is so hard to be on a mission some
days, but how quick I am to be able to forget those and just really
feel how great it is to be here! I love it so much and I can't believe
I am able to do this. It truly is the best decision I have ever made
and I learn so much each and every day. Keep me in you prayers as I am
always keeping all of you in mine. This gospel is true, it is the way
to eternal life and happiness! Don't ever lose sight of that! I love

Love Sister Sheltz!