Sunday, November 28, 2010

Birthday Week "22" on 22/2010!!!!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry my email is so late today, they were spraying the building where
the family history library is so we are all here late trying to get
our emails out. But I have THE craziest week to write about so here we

1) THANK YOU EVERYONE!! For all the birthday love, cards and packages!
It sure was a birthday to remember! Thanks Alisa, Family, and the
grandma's for being so thoughtful and all the sweet emails and letters
and cards! Today was a wonderful birthday and Sister M did so much for
me along with my district to make it so great! She woke me up with
GREAT renditions of birthday songs including primary, the original,
and "Go shawty, it's ya birthday", it was great! Then she wrote me the
nicest card ever that made me cry, cleaned the apartment, took me to
breakfast, made me a crown and sign that embarrassed the heck outta
me, gave me a present at EXACTLY 11/22 which was stuffed Scuddles so I
can snuggle him at night, we played TONS of games at one of our
awesome member's house (who bought tons of snacks for all of us in the
district), and then called the member who we had dinner with that
night and asked them to make cherry chip cake (my fave)! She was so
sweet and all the Elder's wrote me a card and it was just too great. I
just love her so much and we pray every night that we can stay
together for AT LEAST 2 more transfers. We are having a great time!
Thanks again everyone!

2) Tuesday was a really spiritual experience for me personally as we
got to watch this couple go through a temple class in Sign Language.
Brother Harnish has leukemia and also Hepatitis and is not doing well
and they don't know how long he has. They have been preparing for a
while to go to the temple to be sealed, but are now just getting ready
to go and are taking an accelerated temple prep class. They had 4
lessons in 4 days and so it was just really amazing to watch them.
Sister Rees taught and the spirit was so strong, and what a comfort as
his life comes to a close that they will be sealed forever! I just
loved it so much and cried the whole time. I also really understood
the sign language which was so exciting to me! With languages I have
realized that I am pretty good at picking up when people are speaking,
but when I try to speak I have a much harder time....same thing in
Espanol. I will get there!

3) Wednesday we had a referral from a member in a different ward for
this family he met at the grocery store. I had a nervous feeling going
over there and I didn't know why but I sure found out later. They had
another guy who was there also and none of their kids were
there...they go to a church here and are born again Christians. Well,
we taught the Restoration and it went really well, and we taught all
out of the Bible. Well, the other guy that was there, Ron, had already
taken the lessons before and started going off on some really deep
doctrine. That was really hard to bring back because we wanted to
answer his questions but with the other people there we didn't want to
get that far is like meat before milk. Well, then I look
over and notice that he has a tape recorder! Bah...nat good. Even
though we hadn't said anything we wouldn't have wanted to it just was
really uncomfortable. They started questioning everything and our
member got really, REALLY defensive and wouldn't even let us talk....I
was just dying. We were trying to get out of there but it just kept
getting worse and worse and worse and escalating higher and higher.
Our lesson went from 7:30 to 10 as we tried to get out of there. We
had to go back and apologize for our member and we promised them
another visit, but seperately because we wanted to answer Ron's
questions while still trying to help the others get the basics. We set
up an appointment with Ron at the Bishop's house so he could also help
answer some questions...we had it all set up that half of the lesson
we would teach Ron a lesson and then the other half he could answer
the other questions he had. We prayed really hard and came up with a
great lesson on revelation and we were all set to go....well, he
totally set us up. Here came the other guy who sat in the lesson AND
his Pastor. We taught the lesson and we asked what their intentions
were and I inquired about the tape recorder....well, Rick told me it
was a glasses case, BUT Rick doesn't even wear glasses. Fishy. I also
think the Pastor recorded us on his phone the whole time. After we
were done the Pastor wouldn't even TOUCH a Book of Mormon and said it
was directly written from the Devil, I said obviously he hadn't read
it then or opened it because there is no way that could be. He said he
didn't want to open himself to be deceived. He pulled out a sheet of
all Anti-Mormon and just went off and by this time it really got
heated. Sister M and I watched as the Bishop and the Pastor boxed it
out. It was so frustrating because it was all just a set up to just
try and tear us down, when not once did we tear down his faith, we
just built his up. Oh well, you live and you learn and the beautiful
thing to be is that at this point in my life it was nice to be torn
apart but still have my testimony not be the slightest shaken. That is
a great feeling.

4) Cheryl is doing SO great! We got to teach her and it was so
wonderful! She felt the spirit really strong as we taught the Plan of
Salvation. We are so happy and she wants us to come back again.

5) Last night we FINALLY got to see Shalaun. A lot of our
investigators are kind of surfacey because they are so new, but when
we got to see her it went really well. The best part of all is that
her Aunt Leona sat in and I could feel her spirit so strong. We
watched the Restoration and talked about the Book of Mormon and they
both accepted it and knew that it happened. They keep asking when
church is and are both so excited to go....uhm OK! Awesome.

6) Our area is really picking up and we hit some of our goals this
week. We are working really hard to keep improving everyday!

7) This family in our ward the Carman's are so awesome and had an
early Turkey day and invited so many people over from the ward
including us. So many of our 15 were there and even one of our
investigators who I saw come out of her shell so much! IT was such a
blast and I loved it so much.

Well, I have to run, it is getting late and we can't miss curfew! I
love you all so much and am so grateful for all being such a huge part
of my life!

Papa and CuCu, PLEASE get feeling better. No more falls or icky
sicknesses. I pray for you so much everyday!

Uncle Shay! Happy birthday! I love you so much! Also that girl Kenya
that talked to you on FaceBook, I see good things. You should add her!
COOLEST girl ever...just even to be friends. I love her so much!

Linds! Thanks for your sweet email. I dus love you!

The gospel is true! Christ lives! That is the BEST news EVER!

Love Sister Sheltz