Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 8 September 15th Letter from Sister Sheltz!

Daniel L. Johnson Sustained to the First Quorum of the Seventy April 1, 2006, at age 59. Former Area Seventy in the Mexico North Area, president of Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission, counselor to mission president and stake president, and bishop. Received bachelor degree in accounting and economics from BYU; former executive in international companies, as well as holding Church and family farming positions throughout the United States and Latin America. Born Dec. 15, 1946, in Colonia Juarez, Mexico, to LeRoy and Rita Skousen Johnson.. Wife, LeAnn Holman Johnson; parents of six children. 
Hello Everyone!!
Well, this week the mission has been much harder, but great none-the-less. I am just loving my mission, good times and bad times and love the people I am able to meet. I thought life was stressful before my mission with all I was involved in, but nothing like this. Anything that takes your whole spirit to do is usually pretty rough at times :)
1. This week we had mission conference and it was wonderful! Elder Johnson of the 70 came to speak and it was really great. I learned so much and it was fun to meet many of the other people on my missions. Luckily for me, there are not as many crazy sisters as I hard heard hahaha:) Transfers are coming up and Sister G and I are pretty sure that we will be together still since I am a greenie and this is her last transfer. If anything we think we might be trio training a greenie...hmmmm. Not sure how I feel about adding a 3rd. It was no fun teaching with 3 in the MTC. The only good thing is that it would add one more person to talk to and that is always fun! We will see what happens.
2. Progressing investigators have been far and few between this week because a) we have had so many meetings, B) we already baptized all of our progressing, C) we are trying to meet with all of the members about this fireside and so we have been mostly been doing member lessons, and D) Everyone was out of town for Labor day and school being out. Hopefully we will see more soon. We also had a rough day of contacting yesterday. Love when people tell me that I am going to Hell because I believe in the wrong Jesus. Good times, good times.
3. Monday for P-day we most definitely in fact went to the Zoo!! Way fun, there were like 20 missionaries that went and I am getting to know more and more of the missionaries and we had a blast. We have 2 of THE funniest elders in our district who made it pretty entertaining. Super hot, but way fun.
4. Grandma taught us how to dance this week and how to say, "Peace out homies" as an 86 year old. Sooooo funny I cannot describe...this is why she goes for the younger men because she is too hip. I have great videos of it that I will be sending home and Mom, you can post them for all to enjoy because they are much too good.
5. Delmy unfortunately I think we may have to drop. We think she loves having us over, the spirit that is there, and the fact that we are friends....but we are going to have to tell her that if she has no intentions of keeping her commitments or being baptized that we can't keep visiting her. There are too many people who are ready now, and this is our job. Most of the time dropping people is liberating when it is one of those eternal investigators...but this one is  going to be no fun.
6. We are meeting with Brennan tonight and we hope that we will keep his commitment as we extend to him the 7 day challenge to quit smoking and drinking. We think once he stops that he will definitely get his answer. It is going to be intense and I will let you know how it goes!
Everything else is pretty much just trying to find new investigators. HOPEFULLY after this fireside they will be coming out the woodwork, We are doing it stake wide and they announced it in stake conference and so we think we will see good results.
Thanks for any letters or emails that are sent! Can't tell you how much they mean the world for me.  Paigey! You can most definitely email. I love your little guts and wish I was there to take care of the old folks too some days. Bon! Tell jill Sawatdee Kah! and that I love Thai people and here.
To everyone else! This gospel is true! I love learning about Joseph Smith and I have learned so much about church history lately. I love that this church is the true church and that it really is the same church Christ set up himself. I love the scriptures and how much they teach us! PLEASE read them. I am so grateful that Christ died for me and for all so that his plan is possible but more importantly that he lives! And he is coming. We need to be preparing for the time that he does is coming fast.
I love this gospel so much and it is true, I promise!
I love you all and know that I continually pray for you each day...and that is A lot of prayers!
Love, Sister Sheltz