Saturday, September 4, 2010

09/01/10 Scary Harry and Ron

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Hello Everyone!
I got word last week that we are able to write our main email to everyone, so everyone's email that put their name on the list I will be sending each week...sure love and miss everyone!!
1. This week has been INCREDIBLE!! We have had amazing things happen and also some scary things, and lots of funny things. I had my first baptism this week and I was so excited! We have been teaching Randy ever since I got here and he was just ready to jump in that font from the first lesson. He is 22 and is really great and his baptism was awesome. I bawlled like a baby knowing that I got to be an instrument for that. In fact, I witnessed 4 baptisms on Sunday. It was a great and draining day. Nothing like 10 hours at the church to do you in. We were exhausted and had a stressful time getting investigators to church. Remember when Sunday used to be a relaxing day?? Not so on the mission. Easily the most stressful, frustrating, and busy day fo the whole week. Nothing gets to you more than when you watch the door like a hawk for investigators who promised to be there and never show. So bummer.
2. Sam Chee's baptism is this week and he is so excited! He has taken a while to get comfortable with the idea of baptism, but after visiting the temple grounds and visitors center he was just so pumped. He passed his interview and he is ready. He stayed for all four baptisms this week and also agreed to a Priesthood Blessing. He is just so "scary" as he would say, instead of scared, of coming to church and of getting a blessing. I think he thought it would be really weird, but he felt the spirit so strongly and that solitified his excitement for a baptism! I love Thai people!
3. We had a really scary experience this week also...I am glad I am alive and not dead. Definitely the Lord protects his missionaries because I don't know how we got out of that apartment...also thank goodness for obedience that we took a male member with us. We went to go visit an Armenian man named Wahe (the one who is always in pain and is older). Well, his son answered the door and was very reluctant to let us in. But we sat down and started visiting with Wahe and then the son came out and asked, "Are you Jehovah's witnesses?" and we of course answered no. He started screaming at us to get out, Wahe, who is old slammed him against the wall and they started fighting in Armenian and he was trying to come after us as Wahe held us back. We kept trying to get out but of course they were blocking the door and he was just screaming at us and wanted to know how we had even gotten in the complex. We ran out as fast as we could and he was trying to chase after us as Wahe held him back . He is pretty tough for as old as he is. I know already from being out here when people are just mad or angry, and you can tell when they have intentions of acting on their anger....that was one of them and I don't know what he would have done to us if we had not had a man there because women are worth nothing in Armenia. Whew...scary.
4. Delmy is another investigator that is a toughy. We have (and they before me) have been trying to get her to come to church forever. She lives with her BF and they have 2 kids together and are working on getting married. They started listening to the lessons and really liked them and she feels the spirit, but Mario doesn't really want anything to do with organized religion. He supports her listening and really loves us to come over, but she doesn't want to take the kids and have to explain why Dad doesn't love God. Well, we had a lesson with her and everything was just going wrong. Every interruption you can imagine and it was super frustrating. Lastly, both of her dogs got out and had been gone for over an hour. Mario left to look for them and hadn't for 20 mins. She apologized that she was going to have to leave and asked us to help her look. Sis G and I went to go look and stopped and prayed. I asked the Lord if it would help her to get to church to please let us find the dang dogs. Both of us had the impression to look down this street, and what do you know, there they were. The animal control pulled up at the same time as we did and we were able to get them for her. Luckily this built her faith, and guess who came to church?! She loved it. She was taking notes, signed up for all the RS stuff, it was hilarious. We will meet with her today and I hope we can just commit her to baptism. The Law of Chastity thing may be an issue...but we know we are going to get her and all the kids. :)
5. Rueben (43) and his Girlfriend Grandma (86) continue to kill us with hilarity every day. Don't worry that Rueben ( I will send pictures to prove it and you will die) showed up wearing Khacki shorts with bball shorts hanging out underneath them, 2 belts, an american flag bandana tied around one belt loop, a compass hanging from the other, long black socks pulled up with black church shoes, and the tightest bright red surf shirt you can imagine. I don't know how to even tell you how funny he is and how much we get a kick out of how crazy he is. He also was using dryer sheets as napkins the other day....I know, I know. I don't get it either. It is completely ridiculous.
6.Awkward story number 2: We go over to teach Randy and his friend and we use a whole lot of object lessons out here, one with with 3 cups and 3 butter knives. We pulled them out and Randy's friend asks, "so what will you use those for?" and Randy answers, "so they can circumsize you." Bahhhh...way awkward.

7. Another awkward story. This guy named Ron comes every week to church without fail on his bike. Years ago he was in a bad motorcycle accident and has really bad brain damage. He of course comes in his T shirt and jeans and every week he gets a pop from the dollar store, brings it in during sacrament meeting and opens it as loudly as he can during the most spiritual of moments. He also afterwards burps as loud as he can. This is great when we bring investigators. He also really likes to clap...after everything. Investigators ALSO get the wrong idea of clapping and this makes for really funny moments. In Sunday School too he started telling everyone that Jesus was a polygamist and alot of other crazy stuff which also makes for a lot of explaining to investigators. Good times, good times. Flosi superhero man always says, "I am going to buy that man many uncarbonated beverages...many, many." Brother Flosi is SO funny and we have a way good relationship with him. Our ward is awesome at ward missionary stuff and the Bishop is helping us with so much! Love that I have a good ward and comp...Ron included.
8. We also have met many people, homeless men in fact, who believe they are Jesus. And also because we won't hug them (Sis Griffiths has a great story about this) then we don't love Jesus. We also saw a man talking to a blank sign and we are sure he believes he is Moses talking to the burning bush. Good times.
Well, the field is great!! I hope everyone else is doing great and loving life. I have had lots of good experiences and I just adore the mission. Is definitely not easy, and because we are literally representatives of Jesus Christ, often times we feel the feelings that he feels for others. That can be great and also hard because sometimes I feel such great sadness for those who are so lost and have so many trials. For the first time this week I lost it, and I felt such sadness for one investigator who just so distraught. Sad times, but also very happy times. This is the most joy and the most hardship I have ever faced. I just love it so much and I am so glad I get to be here doing the work! I am just one lucky girl. I love all of you dearly and pray for each of you so much!! I pray, lots, and lots and lots!! Hope to hear from you soon...I can get emails and I will handwrite you back. This gospel is true! I promise.
Love Always,
Sister Sheltz!