Thursday, August 26, 2010

Excerpts from my letter home 08/25/10

My P-day is on Monday, however, because of budget cuts the library is not open on monday so we email on wednesdays at 10. The week has gone really well though and we have just seen SO much success. I can't believe how prepared people are to hear the gospel. Of course we see a lot of slammed doors, but honestly we don't have to do a lot of door knocking because we try and work with the members.
Last night we taught 3 of the most powerful lessons. We have one guy named Brennan that is super intellectual, is so great, and is SUPER catholic. He can't decide if God is telling him that he needs to be more Catholic, or if he needs to be mormon. Of course we know, and we talked about the priesthood last night and it was so amazing!! But because he is so provoked by his dang brain he can't quite feel it yet. Man oh man, but when he decides he is going to be the most rock solid member you ever knew.
Randy, the 23 year old will be baptized on sunday! And Sam Chee the Thai guy on the 6th. I am so excited for Sam. He had so many hesitations and this week he went with the ward to the Santa Monica temple to the new visitors center and they all said he was balling and telling everyone that he was getting baptized for sure! So that is the best news ever! We are just about to go to an appointment with him so that will be great.
Ok, funny stories of the week.
1. We have a guy in our ward named Bro Flosi who just got called as our new Ward missionary leader. Mom he served his mish in Finland! Well, he is like 30, unmarried, no one knows anything about him except that he works for the FBI. So as we started to try and get him to come toour appointments or anything he would be like, "Ya, I can try and be there, but a lot of times things come up." Sister Griffy and I thought long and hard about this answer, and we decided that for sure he is a super hero. We know it. All he ever does is tell us how things randomly occur. On sunday, we were sitting there and he gave us that same answer...I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing. We HAD to tell him that we knew. We decided he shoots webs of floss and that his FBI cover was way good. Oh he thought it was hilarious! And it really broke the ice with him. We got him to our appointments last night and we think he is golden. We told him he is welcome to come to any of our appointments...pending....that he doesn't have to go save the world. We are convinced!!
2. Sister Garcia this week (the one who should be Papa's sister) always gives us a good laugh...always. We do a lot of appointments at her house (she is the lady that added you on facebook, her mom) and so she sits in on all of the lessons. Randy, the one getting baptized has had some really amazing experiences. Well we are sitting there and after the prayer this is the convo:
Randy: Whoa! Did you feel that? That jolt? Like electricity?
Us: No, we didn't! It was probably the spirit...
Silence for like 30 seconds...
Grandma: It was my hand! I can only straighten these three fingers, not this one unless I do dis!
Uhhh... ok...hahaha. We laughed so hard.
3. We also met many men who think they are Jesus and because we won't hug them we don't love Jesus. We also saw a man talking to the sign on the street who thinks he is moses talking to the burning bush. Perfect.
The area we are in can be super sketchy but I love it. We have so much fun and we have met so many great people. I can't even handle how  fun this work is!! My testimony is just so solid on this work. The more I preach about it, the more grounded it becomes in my heart. I can't believe how the Lord works through us too....I have given so many lessons that have nothing to do with me, only with my worthiness to be an instrument. So much comes out of my mouth that I have no idea about. I love it so much, and I love the work. It is true!! And nothing is more beautiful than this opportunity!!
Thanks for all the emails and love and support! I sure love all of you so much. My prayers are always with you in them.
Love Sister Sheltz!