Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have been so anxious to write you and tell you how AMAZING it it out here. I don't know where to begin or how to be able to even describe how the first week has been and how much I love it here!!
1. My companion Sister Griffiths is AMAZING!! I am so so so happy that I have her as a trainer because she is an extremely hard worker, is hilarious, and I think we are the same person. We teach so well together and we just have the spirit and unity so much in our companionship. From day one it is like we have known each other our entire lives. Her parents are currently mission presidents in Ireland and Scottland.
People are CRAZY out here! Hahah! I love it. I am in a pretty sketchy area which is called Mission Hills. It is not horrible, but it is definitely LA.  We cover part of LA and we have run into some real winners. Sister Griffiths and I have constant laugh attacks at the crazy things people say to us. I can't even tell you all the crazy things I have seen because there is no way to recall the hilarity of it. I love it so much! Door knocking still scares the Judd out of me and I am not sure how I feel about it. We haven't gotten to do it too much because we literally have too many appointments which is amazing! The work is kickin out here.

2.There is also a man in our ward named Wahe who is from Armania who is also falling apart. Yesterday is his THICK accent said, "MY EYE! NO work. MY HEART! No work!! Everything break, Everything.... NEEDLES, needles EVERYWHERE!!" He got a blessing that made him feel better. Also yesterday in our lesson we asked, "So why do you guys keep having us back over, what do you feel when we come??" He said, "You face...BEAUTIFUL, I love-a dah white woman!" We both smack our heads, Wrong! Wrong answer. Hahaha good times, good times.

3.We have AMAZING investigators:
Sam Chee: So excited about him!! He is a Thai man with a B. Date set for 9/5! I can't even stand it. My first day we got there we talked all about Thailand and he is so excited. He plays the music at the Methodist church and he loves it. He is totally a man of God but he can't understand why he needs to come to our church. He says when he prays, "I not hear words to tell me it true!" We read to him about the feelings that you feel when god is speaking and he looked at us and said, "Woah, I sink it must be true!" I loved it and of course I dying. We use a lot of object lessons with him and he is literally a child and loves them so much. He gets so excited about the church and he is loving it.
4.It is so great, and it has been so fun. Sis G and I have a blast together and I love just being with so many awesome people. Everyone should go on a mission because it is literally the funnest thing ever. I don't know how I will ever come home!! People love us too much.
5.Packages are safe to mail because they put them in a lock box. I would love to hear from anyone and so letters can be sent there.
I am out of time we have an appoint but I love you all! The gospel is true!! I promise!!
Love Sis Gould