Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mike William Webb really misses I guess should post.

This is Michael William Webb:

Mike is super funny.
Mike likes to give me a hard time which is also super funny.
Mike and our friends have a lot of inside jokes that can never be repeated on this blog.
Mike is's BIGGEST fan. Don't believe me? 

He posted this on my Facebook wall yesterday:
"I don't want to sound needy but it's been like 25 hours since you posted something on your blog..."

That seriously meant SO much Mike. 

I then replied:

"I know I am like your personal Oprah (which holds a lot more weight than you know because Mike LOVES, seriously loves Oprah.), but Mike it is hard to be that inspirational to one person every single day. My apologies and I will try really hard to step up my game. All my love, the writers of "

Then he tried to make it look like some "joke" HA, by posting this:

"I realize that you need to recuperate. I'll cut you some slack." I am sure he was embarrassed. Silly nilly.

And like I said I answered with this, "Well, that means a lot coming from my biggest fan and frequent reader!"

So I just feel bad Mike, it has been a while for me. Because you know, I do have A LOT of time of my hands so I usually post MUCH more often than not. So I tried to at least think of SOMETHING that I could at least put on here for my biggest fan...

Well, today I was watching Ellen, another of Mike's favorite show...she's no Oprah, you know why Mike, but I saw this really awesome rapper.

She's pretty fly for a white girl Mike...this screams YOU!

Pretty amazing right? 

This post is for you Mike hahah. We will always be in a battle won't we?

A note on the recovery is it is still a little rocky. What was crazy is today my blood pressure went down to 77/ yes how am I still alive?? I have no idea! But they put me on some medication to try and bring that up because that is a little crazy and kind of freaks me out. I am also extremely dizzy so that is no good. Still pretty sore still and the migraines are still just as awful as ever...but Dr. Sorenson says that is a good indication that it worked! So I will go on that...

I am bored and miserable as ever if I am going to be 100% honest but just trying to get through it!

More later.


Michael said...

flattered. Get well soon.

Lia said...

I think it's kind of funny that you feeling worse is an indication that it went well. =)

Lia said...

Also, I'm terribly disappointed you've never dedicated a post to me. =P