Wednesday, April 6, 2011


One thing I really love to do is hula and Tahitian dance...I love the costumes, the people, the music, and remembering my culture. I love being Polynesian and am always proud of that...even if I do LOOK haole (white), that is just why I will have to find me a nice brown man haha. Just kidding but seriously.

Anyway, I have always enjoyed it, but I ESPECIALLY love to Tahitian dance. That is the fast paced dance that I am sure many of you have seen. It is a great work out and whenever you perform it always gets the crowd the most excited. When I competed in the pageants (yes, I did) these were the outfits we picked:

My mom did a pretty good job of putting the outfits together and we wanted to make some really cool head pieces however, we ran out of time and it was just too hard to do with too many quick changes backstage.

I had so much fun doing the dances and performing and I can't wait to practice some more when I feel better! Hopefully whatever school I go to has a good Polynesian club with dancing where I can get involved and improve my shaking skills haha. My best memories are with the Pope's and Latu's from Orem back in Jr. High and Elementary dancing in my front yard...good times :).

Well, here are some cool clips I found on youtube...Aloha and enjoy!

She is insane and I love her costume!

Then on So You Think You Can Dance they did a Tahitian which surprised me so much! Annnd it was to the song I dance to all the time... find it HERE because I can't post it. They did a good job I thought! Especially for learning it in a week! Costumes were cool too.

And a last one I thought was cute is here...

More later! Have a great day :)