Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recovery = Not what I expected

First off I just want to say SO sorry for that totally incoherent last couple of paragraphs of that previous post. Super embarrassing and super funny. I didn't even realize it until today and so I will go back and fix that right now....meds and migraines will do that to a person.

And just a quick update for today: I guess this recovery was maybe not as simple as I expected. I was maybe thinking that this was just a quick in quick out type of deal because I think it usually is.

However, I don't think usually they have to poke you twice so I am SO sore! I really didn't expect that. Very bruised and very sore.

My blood pressure is still pretty low so I am pretty dizzy. Dizzy + migraines = really icky.

My migraines are 2 times as bad as they were before. I know they told me this, but I don't think I fully comprehended this.

I guess what I am saying is I am just SO glad that I had the surgery and I feel so blessed, I just really didn't have any idea that the recovery would be like this. Once again the nurse said I would feel like a train hit me for the next month and to be patient, but I just had no idea.

So this is me re-evaluating.

More later!


Zane and Cami said...

Hahah so I totally almost said something about your words not quite making sense, but I think it is better to leave them that way. Makes for better memories! Love you!!