Monday, March 22, 2010

No me gusta.

Man, I am so grumpy the last few days. I just feel....blah. Aka, sluggish, tired, worn down, sore throat, too busy, and stressed. It is one of those times when just everything feels like it goes wrong in a day. Know what I am talking about???

Like today: I picked up two extra patients (against my better judgement) and so I was running late for class.  Of course I pull into a packed parking lot and with one car in front of me going .067 mph who then has another car pull out right in front of them. They take the ONE parking spot left in all of Saint George. I finally get to class 10 minutes late and 10 minutes later, he ends. Don't get me wrong! I love it when class ends early....just not when I drove around for 5 days to find a parking spot I was gonna be in for 10 minutes. Today was also one of those days I have a zit right in the middle of my forehead that is the size of europe and I didn't have time to do my hair...waking up at 6 every morning makes it so that definitely comes last. Meetings today again, which then in turned into the scheduling of MORE meetings. One upper girl was at it again and they scheduled me another patient when I specifically have it off.

                                                    Oh ya, and the Health Care Bill passed.

Funny how people who are super uneducated about the whole thing try and argue about it, mostly on Obama's side because he is more of celebrity than a president...that's the "cool" thing to do is be on his side because so is T-Pain.

Whew. Do I sound grumps? On a normal day I could handle all of this and anything else you wanna throw at me. Lately I just don't have tolerance.

ON a better note: some of my bestest best friends came down to St. George and stayed with me this weekend! We had so fun! We went caving and had a bar-b-que, and it was fun just to have some of my northern friends down here where I love. We also had the chalk dance this weekend! So are some pictures:

It was so fun! It was a lot like the Hari Krishna festival of colors. Well, sorry for the rating and raving! Hope tomorrow is looking up!



A Real Good Bet said...

I was going to write something funny . . . then I remembered that every time I try to write something funny as a blog post people take it seriously . . . perhaps I shouldn't write comments anymore.

Anyways, hope the rest of the week gets better!

Craig Barlow B. said...

I'm sorry you're feeling sick. I hate getting sick. I remember the first time I got sick after moving away from home wondering why no one would come and take care of me.

Bonnie said...

seeeeeeee!! i knew you weren't feeling well, you should've taken the bed, girl! you are an angel friend. really, it was so good to see you and your life/friends down south! really really wonderful, thank you again!
ps im educated AND like obama's plan :) haha love ya s'dang much! (for some reason its harder for me to type that word than let it slip out??)

Anonymous said...