Monday, March 1, 2010

The words won't come...

I apologize. I haven't been the best at writing, that is for sure. Nothing funny or exciting has happened. It's just day in, day out. Don't you hate those slumpy times? I mean I can't even update my facebook status because that is just how boring it is. My days seem to go like this:

6 AM wake up, see patients until 12.
12-4 Classes.
4-7 Student Gov meetings

Do it again.

A few things on my mind:
I love this picture.

One day when I actually find a decent man and decide to tie the knot, I really love these ideas, they are beautiful:

I think this show is hilarious:

Thailand can't come quick enough:

I wish my bronchitis and flu would go away and so I could stop coughing:

If Jake picks this crazy tonight, I am going to have a B.F....literally.

Elections for Student Body Pres and VP are right now and they are stressing me out more than if I was running.

Hates when I have a, nightmare...about ex-boyfriends.

Welp, that's all for now. I will keep looking for something exciting! Hope you have a good one. 


kayla & tyler said...

Vienna gets picked in the end... sadly. I DISLIKE her. Tenley is so cute, sweet, funny, and dorky just like Jake, they would be perfect together!!!

Laura said...

you people and the bachelor....

Anonymous said...

chelz--hope you are feeling better and better. when are you going to thailand? i so need you to pick up some little trinkety thingies for me. i can explain, but need you to email me. couldya, wouldya, canicoaxya, wouldyourmama lettya, huh? please?
i loves, loves, loves, loves you!
aunti jenni