Friday, March 12, 2010

One uppers.

I can't stand one uppers. What's a one upper you might ask? Well, they are the people that it doesn't matter what you say or what you do... they have done it better...or worse. Bah. For instance, one girl I know, we'll call her lester, Lester has this problem to the extreme. The other day I just rattled off some side comment like, "man, I sure have one killer of a headache this morning." Like an animal ready to attack, lester cuts me off  and says in a very loud voice HER breaking news, "OH. MY. GOSH. My head last night was so bad. I had a total and complete migrane all night, so I couldn't sleep, which meant I was late to class because I slept in! Ah it's so terrible, you're lucky you only had a small one! Mine was so bad, and you won't believe it but I STILL have a headache!"

Wow. Really? Was that necessary? I mean come on. This is not the only example, I could tell you stories beyond stories of the things  I have been one-uped about that don't make sense to me. I.e. I don't know why you would want to one up me on a HEADACHE because no one wants one. So here is one of the funnies SNL clips that shows my frustration to a T. Please watch and laugh with me. 

This is a perfect way to describe lester.

More later. 


Tripp Hazard said...

You think you were one-upped? Well, let me tell you about the time that I was REALLY one-upped. See, I was hanging out with this guy and I told him something and then he was like "whoa, that same thing happened to me but it was like 10 times more extreme and I was like whoa and everyone was like dude." So you should be glad that your one-up was so minor about a headache cause my one-up was much bigger than just a little one-up about a headache.

Ha ha.

kayla & tyler said...

hahaha that skit was funny! and I hate having to deal with people like that. bah!

A Real Good Bet said...

Aren't you ever afraid that whoever you are talking about will READ THIS and KNOW it is them!

Like right now . . . I totally know you are talking about me . . . this may be the end of our friendship.


Jess and Todd said...

Do I know Lester?
Cause I think I do.. or I know someone just like Lester.. ha ha

Jess and Todd said...
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