Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Big Man.

Today I saw my first Temple Sealing here:

Of THIS couple, Dani and Quin:

Oh....and don't worry....for my first time, I just saw the BIG MAN
perform the sealing. Who is the Big Man?
Oh just Thomas S.

Don't be TOO jealous that it was AMAZING.
Poor little guy repeated his funny stories 3 times.
I've never seen that side of him!
Loved it.

Aside from the amazingness of the prophet of the Lord sealing a couple...
the actual sealing is amazing.
Dani looked incredible.
I am so happy for them!

Oh ya, and all the hype about temple marriages...
they really are everything they are cracked up to be and more.

More later!


Julie said...

This is so cool! I need to hear about this! I will be home tonight from California and we are having a sleepover yes! Hannah go out!