Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tick goes the clock!

Time is running out for me and it is starting to make me nervous! The other night I was looking through my mission hand-book and I got my first bout of real butterflies and the nerves.

I really am doing this....really, really.

My eyes get teary every time I think of saying good-bye for a year and a half.

I don't think I will really get homesick...too much work to be done, but I do get sad knowing that everything will be different when I get home.

Don't worry! I know it will all be worth it. I can't wait to be a missionary and to share those things that are so dear to my heart and make my life so complete!

One that is hard is that I feel so pointless right now! Waiting to leave is KILLING me. Literally cutting off my air supply.

My mom tells me to enjoy the boredom, but I usually have a purpose you know? A task list waiting to be checked off...a bazillion errands to run. Papers to write, people to call. But all my friendlies are gone and busy. The task lists have ceased for a time. And yes I am staying "busy" working at YouthLinc and the old folks home...but it sometimes doesn't cut it. I am ready to get this week out of the way because here is my schedule:

June 9th- July 3rd....THAILAND BABY
July 4-July 11th ...Cali with the fam for little Hannah's dance competition/DisneyLand
July 18th.... My farewell/Setting apart
July 21st ....Off to the MTC

So crazy.
More later.


ChristineMarie said...

Oh you're going to Thailand on your mission?!!!
Wait, that's even better!

I admire you so much. Congrats on being freaking amazing.