Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Changes, BIG changes.

It is so funny how life never goes as planned.

I mean NOTHING in my life has gone according to plan.

One of my favorite quotes is, "God laughs the hardest when his children are making plans."

So true. I am ok with plans not working out, because it always ends up better...even if you have to go through a bunch of judd to get there.

First things first. I graduated from Dixie! So great, and so sad.

I was pretty emotional the day of graduation because:
 1) I am sad to leave everyone.
 2) Dixie has been my home for the last 3 years.
 3) I can't believe I graduated.

I mostly can't believe I graduated because of all of the health issues I have faced. Pretty remarkable that I actually made it through! And I never failed a single class. Crazy It has been an extremely challenging 3 years and I can't believe all I was able to overcome all of the seizures and knee surgeries and mono and etc.  And well, it may have taken me a year longer because of having to withdraw BUT I made it though!

In other news, I have OFFICIALLY changed my major.

Goodbye nursing, hello to:
BS in Business
Emphasis in Organizational Management/Human Relations
Minor: Non Profit Management.

Annnnnnd I am doing this where? Somewhere I never thought I would go:

BYU kids. B friggin Y U.
After the mish of course.
Hopefully I can work for a large non profit organization like Op Smile, LDS Church, 
or the American Heart Association.

That is the plan, but we know how MY plans go.

More later.


Heart Mommy said...

What the most amazing!!!!! You rock... Instead of being labeled the "sick kid" you pushed like crazy... I am so dang proud to you! Okay, I guess I am okay with your changes because instead of being the getter better with Gator your gonna be the Better MAKER!!!! I helped start a little non-profit group that can always use more brains.... so check us out... Maybe when you get back from the mish you can help us out a little... Just saying, cause you got all those really good brains...

Laura said...

Congrats Chelsea! I'm SO proud of you...

Hooray for coming up to join us at the Y. It'll be great to have your influence spreading around campus :)

Best of luck to you with the mish.

The Payne Family said...

WHAT???? No nursing???? Chels!!! That's ok, no matter what you do, you will be great! Congrats on graduating, that is quite an accomplishment considering all the shiz you have been through. Good Job!