Monday, February 28, 2011

Nate, Nate, is a great.

If I were going to be completely honest....sometimes lately I have felt like my world has been ripped into a thousand billion shreds.

Some days I am really angry, sad and lonely....and well, I think that is healthy...healthy to just be honest about how you feel.

Like one of my bestest friends Alisa always tells me (and I just think it is brilliant) "it is ok to bleed, but not bleed to death". So I will! I will be frustrated for just only one minute and then stick on a band-aide and be positive and get on with it! 

So...on a really exceptionally hard day I got to visit my favorite family I used to nanny for! I just adore them and they are really another family to me. They have done so much for me and supported and loved me and I really appreciate them for that.

Natey Naterson (I call him) is the youngest and just turned the big 7. We spent so much time together and we have had some great times. One of my favoritest stories about him was when I would put him in time out and he had his blanket answer to everything (I have told this on the blog before so if you have read it...I am sorry). Our conversation would usually go like this:

Me: "Nate, time out five minutes."
Nate: "Fine."

...five minutes later...

Me: "Why did I put you in time out?"
Nate: "Because. I dus hit, and das makes berry Jesus sad."
Me: *trying to hide my laughter* "That does make Jesus sad."

Oh man, he is such a snitch and I could tell hundreds of stories about him.
While me and his mom (who by the way gives THE best advice! Love you Steph!) drove him to karate we stopped to get some dinner and he turns to me and says:

Nate: "I love you to clear pass-a sky!"
Me: "Well...I love you clear to. the. MOON!"
Nate: "Whoa...well...I love. you. clear. to....a THOUSAND!"
Me: "Oh. My. Goodness. Well! I love you passed a million!
Nate: "Whoa. Well...I. love. you. cllllleeeeaaaarrr....passseeeddd. the STARS!"
Me: "HO-ly CA-noly. Well...I love you...clear...passed....SPACE!"
Nate: "Well, yer dus my best friend and I love you.

THE end.

Wow. I felt so loved.

Put you in my pocket Natey made me feel so much better. Leave it to the seven year old to make me feel 100% like a million and half bucks.

I was not sad when I left there :)

Little munchie face.


Zane and Cami said...

Bahhaha...remember the booger??? hahahahah, oh man, almost rolling on the floor laughing about this tender and completely unforgettable moment.