Friday, February 18, 2011

Pure Hilarity

Lately over at the Gould house it has been pretty funny because of this chick:
My stunningly beautiful Sis (who I wish would have saved me some of that brown Hawaiian gene and beauty gene instead of STEALING it all for herself!) has a birthday coming up and has been BEGGING for one of these:
My Sis has a sense of humor like you would not believe and so she has been doing all kinds of convincing, paired with REALLY high voices and pictures taped in various places of these little muffins:

Uhhhmmmm,... SO cute, and so funny. She is hilarious and who wouldn't love those puppies right?! My dad! Well, I know secretly he does. PS. these little munchkins don't grow! They STAY that size. Bah, kill me, I am such a sucker for doggies.

So Hannah needs to get everyone on board with this, so what does she do for her strategy besides sticking small pictures of cute furry animals??

Sticks in this movie which my mom has never seen! PURE GENIOUS!

I mean the girl is pretty dang funny if you ask me, always making kissy faces at pictures of puppies. I am on board 100% and always trying to help get the parentals on too because I love them and I think my lover, needs a Brudder:
However it is not looking so good because CLEARLY the dad is not on board and mom is only half way. So we will see! I hope, I hope! 



quin & dani said...

Haha that is hilarious. Your sister is too cute. I want that dog too. Maybe I'll start taping these pictures all around so Quin will get me one. Yeah right! Maybe in a couple years. Thats why I gotta start convincing him now!

P.S. I hope all is well! It sounds like things are gettin a lot better! Loves :)
P.P.S The word I have to type in the verfication thingy in "bogingle". I just thought it was funny.

Zane and Cami said...

What kind of a dog is that? How much are they? I love that our dog is small forever, but I'm afraid that once he isn't around...we won't be able to afford another yorkie:(

Shanimal's Crackers said...

I was never allowed to have a dog. Because my dad so. So, we now have 4 cats.

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