Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mister Gould

This is my beautiful mother:

Right now she is working in the nursery at church so naturally she comes home with some good stories.

My mom is just so automatically great with kids, dogs, hamsters... you NAME it! But it is just hilarious to watch her put ten kids at ease. When she had her foot surgery and they were stuck without her I know they really missed her in there.

Well, I have been meaning to put this story up for a while but there is a little girl named Lydia in nursery that just LOVES my mom. She affectionately calls my mom "Mister Gould" instead of "Sister Gould" (we call each other Brother and Sister in church because we believe we all came from one Father). So every week there is Lydia with her little munchie face and high pitched voice (I wish I could do it for you) to greet her and say, "OH hi Mister Gould"!

Well, over the next few weeks she was ready to go to the class for the older kids called Primary, and where her own mother teaches. This is how the conversation went:

Lydia's Mom: *excited tone* "Lydia, are you excited to come into Primary to be with Mama?!"

Lydia get's a little confused and sad look on her face:

Lydia: "But what about Mister Gould?"

hahaha I was DYING! My mom is quite the charmer.

The last funny thing is I didn't even know they actually had lessons in nursery! 

This week I decided to pop in.

I look in as my mom has ten kids on her lap off and on and calmly has her foot up on the chair singing "The Wheels on the Bus" was ridiculous to watch.

Later on she squishes their little diapered bums and munchie faces onto dwarfed chairs and holds up a picture of Christ (this one of him in Africa WILL be hanging in my house one day and is my favorite of all time...I'll just throw that in here.):

And then says (in her most nursery voice) "Ok kids, now who is this?" 

They all answer like they just spent an hour on the helium tank, "Desus!"

"That's right! And Jesus loves you SO much, and I know he loves me....Ok! Let's get snacks!"

Yep, that was good attention span kids. Good job Mister Gould. You are the best EVER!