Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My life essentially.

Today a really freaking funny situation happened that kind of summed up the way my life has been going lately....well, maybe the last 6 years. And truthfully I am NOT complaining, I just think the Lord likes to push my buttons and someone is playing pranks on me. I like to say that since you pray so much on a mission the Lord and I have more like conversations rather than prayers and so sometimes I ask him questions, like, "REALLY?!?! Are you serious?!" when things happen to me that are just so funny and just unrealistic.

Well, today Lindsey and my new friend Trumble went to lunch and we were driving back and saw kind of homely little kid with a bull cut. He turns to Lindsey and says, "Look Linds! That is who you can look forward to marrying one day!"

Two seconds later we see a little wiry blond kid on a scooter and he turns to me and says, "and there is your future husband Chels!" BAM he hits a bump, SLAMS into the ground.

We all look at each other, start burst out laughing.

I start freaking out and am saying, "GUYS! Don't let him know we are laughing!! Poor kid! And THAT is pretty ironic of what is going on in my life lately!!!"

Trumble says, "Well, Chels, you sure bring that type of crap down here when you come! Hope that is not an OMEN of your future!"

We all start busting up was funny, but not. But SO funny.

Poor kid.