Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thursday is the day.

YAY! I have an appointment with a great cardiologist to get my heart checked out.
The ironic thing is that the ONLY day available for a really long time is the day of my dad's major surgery. GO figure hahah. I should just know that those kinds of things just happen to me and think it is funny, because it is pretty funny...but not.

Anyway, this place deals with chronic migraine/seizure people like me all the time so let's just hope they find a little hole and set me up for a little surgery and fix me.

So if you wouldn't mind continuing to send a few extra prayers up for me I REALLY need them right now :) I am more nervous for Thursday than I have been in a while...for my Daddy and that I will have this stupid thing.

For now I am laying on these chick's couch for a change of scenery down in the George of Saint:

I don't know if seeing them has made my migraines worse or better because I have been laughing my brains out. I just love them so much and have not seen much of them since I have been home. 

More updates later, but don't forget to pray for that little hole in the heart :)

Happy Tuesday!


The Vandermydes said...

I hope everything goes okay! We love you and we are praying for you!

kayla and tyler said...

CHELSEA!!! hello! I feel bad, I've been reading your blog forever but haven't been commenting lately! I feel so bad for all this health stuff you are going through! you are such a strong woman!!! and you always seem to have such a positive attitude, how do you do it girl!? ALSO, my doc is Heidi McSweeney as well and I love her, she is so kind and sweet! and yes my sis-in-law is awesome! she waxes everything. She lives in PG right off the freeway, and has a nice room in her house that she dedicates all her waxing to! let me know, i can get you her number! :) Prayers are coming your way girl!

I.B.G. said...

Hi! I really liked your blog. I am your newest follower! Please follow me back. I am sure that you will like my blog. Thank you..