Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Balentines Day

I love Balentine's Day! That's what we call it over at the Gould house, and to tell you the truth I don't know why we started calling it that but ever since I can remember the "V" has officially been turned to a "B".

Now, I am not one of those people who becomes all grumpy and upset around Balentine's Day just because I am not dating anyone. I don't call it "Single Awareness Day" or wear black or eat a bucket of ice cream...NO! That is dumb. I LOVE Balentine's Day!

I love it when I am sappy and dating someone and when I am not.

Here are my TOP ( I am in a listy mood lately) reasons why YOU and I should love Balentine's Day whether or not you are currently attached.

1. Balentine's Day Outfits.

My mom also loves Balentine's Day and she always gave us a small gift and it was usually a cute Balentine's Day shirt or something cute to wear. I love to get dressed up and wear something pink or red on this day and so I went fake internet shopping and put together this cute outfit that could be potential Balentine's Day attire...dat ma.

2. Balentine's day boxes.

Even if you don't get to still make them and use them this year, the thought of elementary day Balentine day boxes are THE best ever. Whoever came up with these was SURE genious...look at these children's faces...it is enough to change the world.
3. Grocery Aisles at Balentine's Day.

It just makes me happy to go down grocery aisles and see them looking like this:

Nothing makes me laugh harder than knowing I can buy fuzzy handcuffs for my best friends and a horribly scented candle down the aisle at Harmons...who said money couldn't buy you friends? They were dead wrong.  I can also buy myself a "grow your own boyfriend" and well, it never gets old.

 4. Julie Ann Garbutt:

 This is Jules and we have been friends since forever. And well, we don't  get to see each other very often, but I can still finish her sentences. Her birthday is on Balentine's Day so you can't hate it because it is her day of BIRTH. And I love her face so I will always love this day.

5. Sugar Balentine Day Cookies

I love sugar cookies, but I love them SOOOO much more when the have pink or red frosting on them with crunchy sprinkles and I am enjoying them in Feb. There is just something so different about them, and I have no other argument except for that I just like them way more at Balentine's Day. Ha.

6. Cinnamon Lips Candy:

Cinnamon Lips candy are the absolute best and we always have it out as soon as Feb hits. They always get me out of my January slumps and reminds me that spring is hopefully not too far away and the Balentine's Day is a GREAT holiday!

7. Valentine Cards/ Secret Admirers

Well, I really do LOVE the old vintage valentines and all the cute sayings, but also I love to get cute cards from those people you do love whether that be friends, neighbors, relatives, or your special someone. And if you do have a secret admirer....well, then your day turns out better than you expected!

So everyone stop being whiny and admit that Balentine's Day is GREAT. I could come up with more reasons, but once again it is late....



Julie said...

Oh, my gosh I love you.
Seriously. I just love you a lot.