Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's that time of year.

I just love that time of year when all of the good shows and series are on, especially AI! This season is proving to be quite the gem and I am LOVING the judges panel - ESPECIALLY Steven Tyler as a judge! He was always the great rockstar, but as a judge - no one is as intuitive, compassionate, and dead on as this guy is....and well, I just didn't see that coming. This panel works well together and is a breath of fresh air to Idol. I miss Simon, however I am really loving this season. Annnd J Lo's outfits look fly.

Last night: group rounds. I think group rounds are kind of stupid and sometimes kill people who shouldn't be killed. However, last night there were some awesome performances! Here are some of my faves.

Some amazing 15 year olds... WHO BREEDS THESE KIDS?! I want in. 
I bet the winner this year is underage because there are SO many good minors! (There are more minors besides this group too)

These sexy women. 
You could make a new Destiny's Child now. AMAZING. Harmonies were so great.

And these two groups took a chance by singing A'capella. BRAVE. Same song, even braver and maybe stupid.
The second group way better.

Off the topic of the groups if you haven't seen this feel good story it makes me cry every time. 
I love him.
Love his voice.
Love his sweet little heart wife.
And his sweet heart of love.
Happy Valentines Day.

And last but not least we have this cute little Mormon boy in the running who just got home from his mish and has a great voice.

Since he has a great voice, was in my friend's mission, is sweet, and is Mormon, natch I love him already! Hahaha, love it.
Hope everyone has a great American kind of day.

PS. I went to the doc yesterday and my hormones look great and the meds are working! I am so happy! As far as the migraines are working we are praying really hard that I have a certain condition that is treatable. I won't go into details but I have some more testing and I really just need everyone to pray that I have this condition that is treatable. Can you please pray for that? Wishing you love to your family and so grateful for all your love and prayers thus far!