Sunday, February 20, 2011

I love these women. I WANT to be these women.

First of all, look at those mugs.
If you know me, I mean truly know me, it just really sums up just what I love. 
Two sweet little angel old folks with southern accents.
Now here is their story and it just sums them up EVEN more.
I just love people like them and wish I could be there with them everyday soak up every inch of them, and love on them every day.

And well, I find myself sobbing at this show much more than necessary:
And then find myself just planning on marrying a millionaire or finding a way to be a millionaire so I just make sure my kids have no idea they are rich, starting my own non-profit and shamelessly giving it all away here. Then traveling all over and giving more away to my babies of Kenya who I still dream about every night.
Anyway, this girl:
was darling and I loved her on the Oprah show. She is a millionaire and still budgets and lives on 100 bucks a great.

So watch THIS where the darling ladies get a GREAT surprise from my fave OPRAH. Worth your time! Love their reactions.

I love them! If everyone was like them, well this place would be a whole lot better. They are twins and say the Lord sent two because there was too much to be done! So true, and I love their mottos  which are, "Number one, there is but one Father and that is our Heavenly Father. Number two there is but one race and that is the human race. And number three not to take the last piece of bread from the table because someone might come out of this hungry." and their last motto of The Love Kitchen  is "Everybody is God's Somebody". AMEN! I love them. I am in love. I want to be them EVERY day.

HAPPY SUNDAY! Serve someone today :)


Kevin and Mindy Sagers said...

I love love love love love your blog. It makes me so happy. :)

Jasmine said...

OH MY GOSSSSSH! Favorite. I want to die those ladies are so sweet! Gosh I want them! Absolute favorite. I cried.