Friday, February 25, 2011


Today, the 25th of February (or I guess when I technically write this it is not ACTUALLY the 25th by like a half and hour, but that is not important) is my sister's day of birth.

I can't believe it but the girl is 15. That is crazy and I am not really sure I am ready for her to be all growed up and have her permit and all that judd.

I am so proud of my 4.0 g.p.a., fun loving, witty, all-inclusive, righteous, beautiful, and talented sister.

Here are some reasons why I am glad she is MY SIS:

1) She makes me laugh probably harder than anyone can. No one can pull out a faster and wittier comment than she can...especially at her age.

2) She literally loves everyone she meets and is constantly reminding me to only say nice things about everyone. Whenever I use the term "sweet angel" it is because I got it from her. When she catches me saying, "she really bugs me! I just am REALLY not a fan of her." There is Hannah saying, "Chels, she's my girl! And she is a sweet angel." Hahaha

3) She was voted most popular girl in school, but of course would she ever tell us? NO, because that is something she is A) too humble about, and B) wants really nothing to do with because she is just not like that. A sweet angel as she would say - hahah. She got voted that we all know because she is not just a cute girl, but because she really is nice to everyone. Love her. 

4) Hannah is always willing to help everyone! Especially this last little while everyone in our house has been sick she has been running from me, to my dad, to my mom - back and forth up and down the stairs.  She is always willing to help everyone around her, especially her family and especially serving me. I have not been the brightest of sunshine these last few years and she has not only put up with me, but served and loved me. Dat ma. 

5) She is such a talented girl in all she does...but especially dancing, rock climbing and singing! SO proud in all she does.

6) She is always a true friend and no matter what - I know she would do whatever she could for those she loves.

7) She never fails to listen to rap and hip hop with me and makes sure I am caught up on all the latest music...espcecially when I came home from the mish hahaha.

8) She always has been and always will be supportive of me and all my decisions and what I have done. 

9) Hannah is ALWAYS helping me with fashion tips because she is the ultimate little fashionista! My whole life I have just never been good at thinking outside the box when it comes to putting together an outfit...I wouldn't say I have been bad at dressing...just not creative. Hannah always looks darling, put together, and unique. Needless to say, my 8 year younger sister was always dressing me, not the other way around! Thank goodness! Especially since she has been here since I came home from my mission because sister missionary clothes do not fit the every day cute bill.

10) She is ultimately my best friend in the whole world and since I have been home I think we have been closer than we have ever been and I love being around her 24/7.  I miss her so much being down here in St. George and I am so sad I am not with her on her exact B-day! But I know she will have a blast with her friends and we will celebrate another day....she is THE BEST! So glad she is MY SIS! As I love to say, if I got to line up all the sisters that ever were and ever could be I would still always pick mine!

Hope you have the best b-day ever Sissy Poo!


Jasmine said...

so true! Hannah is freakin funny and cute! She's got it all! I mean who can crack jokes like that - especially at her age. So confident and beautiful.

michellemamajamma said...

We are soooo blessed to have you two beautiful girls in our family!! Hannah Gooster is such a dolly and so much fun to be around! No wonder she has so many friends and people just love to be around her. Thanks for this nice tribute Sheltz!!! You are great Sisters!!