Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Steady Diet.

Ok, so I definitely do not look like Brittany Murphey...but I should be called Ramen Girl.

Right now I am living off of a steady diet of:
1. Ramen
2. Ginger Ale
3. Jamba Juice
4. Crackers

That's about all I can stomach these days....and that is if I am lucky. The meds I am on make me really sick to my stomach and give me no appetite; however, they make me more sick if I don't eat...hence, I am force feeding myself even those things.

So yesterday, my sweet sister and I went to the store and walked down every single aisle in hopes that just might possibly find one thing that looked remotely appetizing....nothing. Everything made my stomach turn AND I smelled fish when we walked past the meat packaging. That was the worst. I feel like a pregnant woman!

All that came out looking like I could shove down my throat...


The good news: I am getting pretty skinny. And I am going to be on these meds for a looooong time. The nausea will go away: loss of appetite and skinniness, probably not. I can handle that :).


Julie said...

Oh, Tach. All of our Ramen times.

Aly said...

yeah when you are pregnant you have that....but you still don't get skinnier.... kinda stinks :)