Monday, February 21, 2011

I could use your prayers on this one.

So I have been having these stupid migraines for a while now and we have been thinking my link has been hormones since I have issues with those for so long. Well, thanks to Heidi Mcsweeny, my amazing NP those are in tip top form...good news and bad news because there is no link.

No link to food...chocolate, sugar, caffeine...none of that.

Well, this is where I REALLY need your prayers...really, really, and it is going to sound crazy...

Everyone has been telling me lately that maybe I have a hole in my heart. I was like, "are you crazy, I have MIGRAINES, not heart problems". Well, people kept bringing it up, bringing it up! Finally I did a bunch of research and I thought, well,  there may be something to this. One of my old companions said her mom had a migraine almost everyday for 25 years and found out she had a hole in heart, had it fixed and has had maybe one a year since. Actually 1 in 4 adults have one (meaning a hole in their heart) and walk around with it and will never know it and will never show any symptoms... but for some people it can cause mini strokes and migraines...also, SEIZURES. Like my seizures.  Like the seizures I had up to 80 of a day.

My heart is the only thing we haven't looked in to after 6 years and really we could be onto something. The cool thing is also, to fix it they don't even put you under general is no big deal...they give you a little sedation, put a catheter down in your leg by your groin, do the procedure and you're fixed. No more seizures, no more migraines. Well, actually you may have really bad migraines for like a month and a half after but then you don't have any.

We talked with some nurses and they said they hope I have it because it would explain why for years I have just felt tired in general and just never really felt good. They have seen people that have the procedure and have felt 110% better after and live a totally normal MUCH healthier life. It even turns out my great grandpa had one and it can be hereditary.

It sounds strange but I just HOPE so bad that I have it, because if not...they said I may be pretty much stuck like this...a migraine every other day.  I have petitioned the Lord and I just asking for everyone's prayers and faith on this because I have suffered with so many ailments for so many years and I just am ready for a break you know?  I don't think it is too much to ask for a hole in the heart...ha ha funny request, but it is our best option. I have the faith that if the Lord can do all he does, and by that I mean part the Red Sea and deliver Alma's people out of bondage, he can give me a solution and a miracle. If not, I will still be faithful and still keep plugging along until he fulfills his promises that I will be fully healed. I still think the hole would be an easy solution, but I have lots of great ideas that he hasn't used yet :). You could still pray for this very great idea to happen.


Natalie said...

Our prayers to you! :)
My sister in law just found out the same thing last summer...she had "mild migraines"--if there is such a thing and some symptoms of anxiety and had her heart checked, hole fixed and is doing awesome!! I think you found it! hugs and loves!!

Jasmine said...

This would be awesome if that was your problem! It makes so much sense! Are they gonna check you? I saw a bazillion of these surgeries in my nursing rotation (PFOs are common, like you said) and people come in to the hospital that morning and leave later that day. Please bless this is it! :)

Kacen & Tanya said...

Oh chels!! I just love you and hope everything works out on thursday:)